Airlie Beach Skydive Review

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Are you looking for a bit of thrill during your holidays in Australia? Skydiving in Airlie Beach is the perfect activity for that!


Australia is home to stunning landscapes and that’s why it’s one of the best places in the world to go skydiving. You can skydive in many places but skydiving in the Whitsundays, right above the Great Barrier Reef is a very unique experience.


In this Airlie Beach Skydive review, you will discover everything you need to know about what it is like to go skydiving near the Great Barrier Reef.


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Airlie Beach Skydive Summary


ExperienceAirlie Beach Tandem Skydive
LocationAirlie Beach Airport
Why skydiving in Airlie Beach?- Stunning views over the Whitsunday islands and Great Barrier Reef
- Amazing experience
- Amazing value
- Easy and safe
Tips- The weather has to be nice
- Book a slot with low tide
- Wear a sweater and closed toe shoes
PriceAbout $300 (prices varies)
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Airlie Beach Skydive Review


Skydiving is an amazing experience and if you’d like to skydive above the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays, there is no better place to do so.


Firstly let’s talk about the skydive preparation. Airlie Beach Skydive centre offers an amazing experience. It’s very well organised. They make sure you feel as good as possible and all safety procedures are followed. Everything is spot on!


You will be provided with the trousers and the harness. Although you will put it on yourself, everything will be double and triple checked by your instructor.


The tandem instructors are actually the ones who do everything. As a first time (or none certified) skydiver, your life will be as easy as it can possibly be. The staff is adorable and they will do everything for you.


The facilities are great too.


This is a tandem skydive in Airlie Beach which means you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety. The instructor will look after everything!


When it’s your turn, you will head towards the plane with your instructor. S/he will always be with you and will explain several times what you are supposed to do and how. If you are a bit stressed, they usually try to help you relax a bit. They are also filming everything so you can go back home with an amazing video.


As you go up to the required height, they will check again your harness. Once you jump, the instructor controls everything. You don’t actually have to touch anything when it comes to the parachute. Once it’s opened, s/he will show you how to turn and if you want to try it, you can do so.


The instructor will also make sure your legs are in the right position when you land.


Everything is done so you stay entirely safe.


Finally, the best part about skydiving in Airlie beach is the view! You will get to enjoy stunning views over the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. It’s absolutely breath-taking! It will blow your mind!


You won’t even know where to look! That’s how beautiful it is!



Why choosing Airlie Beach for your skydive in Australia


Airlie Beach is ideally located by the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. This means that you will get to see both during your skydive!


skydving whitsundays



The views are absolutely stunning and will take your breath away!


To me, skydiving is not just about the thrill and the jump. It’s about what you are going to see. It’s about being mind-blown by pure natural beauty. It’s about being surrounded by so many beautiful things that you don’t even know where to look anymore.


skydiving airlie beach great barrier reef



Well, that’s exactly what you will get if you choose to skydive in Airlie Beach!


You will get an amazing view of the Australian country, the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.


That alone is worth anything. But that’s why I think that the skydive in Airlie Beach is the one that offers the best value for money.


How to book an Airlie Beach Skydive?


There are limited spots per day to go skydiving in the Whitsundays.

Although you can book at any time of the day, it’s way better if you get a slot when the tide is low. The views will be so much more beautiful at this time of the day. To make sure you get the right spot, you should book online.


Click here to see the latest prices and/or book your skydive in Airlie Beach.


Another option is to book on-site. There are many agencies in Airlie beach town centre and you can book through them at any time. You can also go directly to the centre and book there as well.


What is included in the Airlie Beach Skydive package?


If you book a skydive in Airlie Beach, you will get:

  • Round-trip transfers from your Airlie Beach accommodation
  • Professional training and instructions
  • Scenic flight (up to 15,000 feet)
  • Tandem skydive (with up to 60 seconds of free-fall)
  • Spectacular views of Whitsunday Islands, the coastline, and Airlie Beach
  • Option of steering the parachute
  • Certificate of your skydive


Please note the landing is not on the beach but on the grass by the airport. If you wish to land on the beach, you should do your skydive in Mission Beach.



How much does it cost to Skydive in Airlie Beach?


A tandem skydive in Airlie Beach usually cost around $300. Prices vary so you will need to check the updated prices here.



Tips for first-timers


– Check the tides before booking your slot. The view is nicer when the tide is low. You will be able to see the coral reefs way better. This is why I chose to jump at 7 am.

– Take a jumper! It can get really cold up there. I had a jumper with a hood and did not regret it! Some people jump only with a t-shirt and that’s ok, you can do it. But it would be a shame to kind of spoil your jump because you are cold.

– You don’t need to be trained in any kind of ways for a tandem skydive. Anybody can do it. However, obviously you should not skydive if you are pregnant or have heart problems.

Last one: ENJOY!



FAQ about Airlie Beach Skydive


Is skydiving in Airlie Beach scary?


skydiving whitsunday islands



That’s a tough question because it’s a very personal feeling.


As I said before, I’m scared of heights and flying. Needless to say that I was sh***ing my pants before jumping (pardon my french 😉 ).

That said though, I loved every second of it.


Before doing it, I assumed that the worst part would be sitting on the edge of the plane and obviously the free-fall.

I couldn’t be more wrong! These are actually the parts I loved the most.


To me, the scary part was the preparation and the flight. It takes about 20 min for the plane to be high enough to let you jump.


That flight was beautiful, you had the Whitsunday islands right in front of you! Yet, I did not enjoy it. I was dreading what would happen afterwards and clearly, never 20 minutes had felt that long.


Then came the dreadful moment, I was being pushed on the edge of the plane.

Well, believe it or not, but from that point, all my fears disappeared. I couldn’t feel a single bit of stress or fear. It was replaced by excitement and fun.


skydive whitsundays



The free-fall was the best part! God, I loved it! I loved it so much I kept laughing and smiling (it’s quite funny to see on the video actually). I was enjoying myself so much that the monitor was laughing so hard too (and yet, he was not a funny guy at first sight).


It was amazing! Even though you’ve got nothing to hold on to and are clearly at your most vulnerable point, you feel so safe!

And the view! THE VIEW! Oh my god! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!


So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is, even if you are scared, do it! You will love it! It’s absolutely amazing! I am the living proof of that.


As a matter of fact, afterwards, I had a chat with the staff. They all said they knew I would love it more than anybody else.


Apparently, the more scared you are, the more you enjoy it because you get a higher boost of adrenaline and therefore happiness.


Other tandem skydives in Australia


There are many places where you can skydive in Australia. You can jump from pretty much anywhere you can think of. This includes Melbourne, Sydney, Great Ocean Road…


The most popular skydiving destination in Australia is Mission Beach (near Cape Tribulation). The main reason for this is that it’s the only place you can land on the beach.


That’s right, if you go skydiving in Airlie Beach, you will not land on the beach. But that’s not really an issue, the jump itself is so much better!


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