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Australia is packed with stunning landscapes and picture-postcard-perfect views, making it the ideal place to go skydiving! If you love outdoor activities and are a thrill-seeker, skydiving in Australia should be on your bucket list!

There is something magical about jumping off a plane and gliding around!

As it’s a pretty popular thing to do, you will find many centres all around the country. Choosing carefully where to jump is very important.

It’s not a cheap activity and you probably won’t get to do it often which is why, in this article, we tell you everything about the best places to skydive in Australia.

Please note that we are mainly referring to tandem skydives but most of these places also offer packages for certified skydivers.

skydiving whitsunday islands


Airlie Beach is the best place to go skydiving in Australia. Click here to see the prices.

the best skydiving spots in australia

Airlie Beach, QLD

skydiving whitsunday islands

Skydiving in Airlie Beach is a very special experience. The views are incredible and so unique! Not only you will get to see Airlie and the coastline but also the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef!

The skydive centre in Airlie Beach operates at the Whitsundays Airport in Proserpine. You can easily get there from Airlie Beach by car or shuttle (about 20 mins).

When you get there, you will have to sign some documents and will be given your equipment.

An instructor will then come to pick you up and make sure everything is in place before jumping in the plane.

You will be flying for about 20 minutes above the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island before getting to an altitude of 15,000 ft.

The jump itself is absolutely fantastic! The views are so breathtaking! It’s almost hard to believe that such a place can exist!

You will then be landing back at the airport. Although I appreciate that it’s not the best place to land, the flight and jump are so amazing that you couldn’t care less about the landing! It’s so pretty!

If you want to know more about skydiving in Airlie Beach, feel free to check my full review.

For more information and see the latest prices, click here.

Mission Beach, QLD

Located in North East Queensland, Mission Beach is a very popular spot for skydiving in Australia. Mainly because you get to land on the beach!

For your jump, you will have to head to the office of Skydive Australia in town. If you need, they also offer complimentary transportation from Cairns.

As for any skydive, you will fill out some paperwork and listen to security guidelines before getting ready to fly off!

The flight is very nice as you get to enjoy the beautiful views over the coast and the Great Barrier Reef for about 20 minutes.

Once you reach 15,000ft, you will jump! After 60 seconds of freefall, the parachute will open and you can even steer it!

Finally, you will land on the beautiful beach! (which is 14km long!)

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Cairns, QLD

skydiving cairns australia

Recommended by Stuart from Just Travelling Through

The city of Cairns in the north of Queensland is an ideal place to do your first tandem skydive. It was my first jump, which thankfully was done at the same time as a friend to make the experience less nerve-wracking.

Skydive Australia run the Cairns operation and pick-up guests from locations around the city, including the airport. Meaning you can do your jump as soon as you arrive!

A tandem skydive at 15,000 feet costs AU$309 or AU$199 for the 7,500 feet jump, with extra for photos and video (which of course you’re going to buy).

Everybody at the time of my jump did the 15,000 feet skydive, so there was no stopping until we reached the jump site. There were seven jumpers plus their guides and the pilot.

Despite having 15 people crammed into the tiny plane it didn’t feel claustrophobic. Our excitement and nerves were focused elsewhere. Thanks to the tropical climate in Cairns we could do the jump in shorts and t-shirt, with no requirement for a jumpsuit.

All the skydivers were given a briefing on arrival at the site before being fitted for our safety equipment and meeting our tandem partners, all of whom were amazingly friendly.

The best reason for doing a skydive in Cairns is the views. On the way up you can enjoy looking out over the thick, green rainforest covering the tropical landscape.

Assuming your eyes are open on the way down you’ll get more of the same while just ahead you might be able to see one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, the Great Barrier Reef.

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Rainbow Beach, QLD

skydiving in rainbow beach

Recommended by Chris from Aquarius Traveller

Wherever your adrenaline takes you, maybe next time you Tandem skydive, you might want to consider landing on the beach.

In the sunny Australian state of Queensland and just over 200 kilometres north of Brisbane, we have the small beachside town of Rainbow Beach where you can do just that!

Just imagine jumping out of that airplane with views of the lovely Australian coastline, mammoth sand dunes and even the World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

This is what makes Rainbow beach the best location to skydive!

You will meet up with the team at their local address to go through the safety briefing, training and instructions on how to skydive.

After that, you are driven to a small local airport where you will meet up with the plane and pilot.

It’s at this point any on lookers or friends will go along with another driver to wait on the beach for your arrival.

Doors open at 15000 feet and 3, 2, 1 – you’re out of there. Feeling your heart pumping, while doing a 60-second free fall over these spectacular beach coastal views. What more could you be looking for?

After a few minutes under the parachute and depending on the wind, you will either be stepping onto the beach, or sliding onto it.

Either way, prepare to get a little sandy but know it will all be worth it in the end!

Noosa, QLD

skydive in Noosa Queensland

Noosa is also a pretty cool place to go skydiving in Queensland!

The tandem skydive in Noosa is from an altitude of 15,000ft and is operated by the company Skydive Australia.

The meeting point is at Sunshine Coast airport. It’s a 30 minutes drive from Noosa Heads.

Once you get there, you will be equipped and meet your instructor before jumping on the 20 minutes scenic flight.

The great thing about skydiving in Noosa is that you will get to appreciate the Sunshine Coast from its best angle!

You will soak up the beautiful views over the coast, the long sandy beaches and of course, Noosa National Park! You may even be able to spot Hell’s Gate and Noosa Fairy Pools.

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Sydney – Wollongong, NSW

Recommended by Emma from Our Wayfaring Life

Imagine skydiving over the ocean, seeing views of the coastline and coming down to land on the beach. Wollongong’s North Beach is where you can do just that and only 90 kilometres south from Sydney.

The Sydney Wollongong Skydive company have their headquarters in the grounds of Stuart Park, on the foreshore of North Beach and it is here that you will start your skydiving adventure.

On arriving (after pre booking and paying) you will meet your instructor, be provided with the necessary equipment and given a safety briefing.

Next a shuttle bus takes you and the other thrill seekers to the Illawarra Regional Airport in Albion Park 20 minutes away.

Falling from 14000ft, Australia’s highest tandem skydive, the free fall lasts for about 60 seconds. The instructor all too soon deploys the parachute and before you know it you’re hanging below and your descent has slowed dramatically.

It is now and through the next 5 minutes you get to enjoy the views of the coastline from Stanwell Tops in the north and down to Kiama in the south.

Then before preparing to land, there is a few slow 360 turns giving you glimpses of the mountains and plains out to the west.

Next your landing on the beach, adrenaline racing and with the biggest smile!

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Byron Bay, NSW

Skydive in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is famous for its unique boho town and amazing surfing spots.

Not only it features some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia but there is also plenty to do in town and along the coast.

This is why skydiving in Byron Bay is a great experience. The scenery is breath-taking. You will see Cape Bryon, Byron Bay Main Beach, Hinterland and as far as Gold Coast!

You will have to check-in at Tyagarah Airport. That’s where you will sign the paperwork and go through the safety instructions before jumping on the flight.

It’s only 10 minutes away from Byron and is easily accessible by car. The skydiving company also offers pickups in Byron and Gold Coast.

Click here for more information and see the latest prices.

Melbourne, VIC

skydiving in Melbourne CBD

If you love city skylines, skydiving in Melbourne will be perfect for you!

You will get to enjoy stunning views over Melbourne CBD and St Kilda before landing on the beach!

Unlike the other skydives mentioned in this article, this one offers a more urban experience. Freefalling above Melbourne is a fantastic experience. If you love the city, you will be mind blown by your skydive in Melbourne!

It’s also very practical as the office is in St Kilda and it’s very easily accessible from the CBD.

Click here for more information and see the latest prices.

Great Ocean Road, VIC

skydiving great ocean road

The Great Ocean Road is known for being one of the best road trips in Australia but it’s also a great skydiving spot!

Not only you will get to see the beautiful coast of Victoria but you’ll also be able to spot the world’s famous Bell’s Beach, Torquay and maybe even the 12 apostles!

You can choose between several pick up locations including Melbourne and Geelong.

This tandem skydive is at 15,000 ft which of course means that you will get to enjoy a 20 minutes scenic flight before jumping!

It’s a great alternative for people staying in Melbourne who want to see more natural landscapes during their skydive (compared to Melbourne CBD).

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Surfers Paradise

Located on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is one of the best places to skydive in Australia. The views over the beach and the ocean are spectacular, and there’s always plenty of action going on down below.

This is a bit of an unusual skydiving spot in Australia since you will get to jump from a helicopter and not an aircraft!

This is very rare in Australia but also in the rest of the world. Traditionally, skydivers jump from a small aircraft.

By choosing to go skydiving in Surfers Paradise, you will get to experience both the thrill of a helicopter ride and the jump!

It’s also important to note that you will be jumping from 10,000 feet which is higher than usual and will be landing on the beach!

This skydive can be booked with Skydive Australia.

The dropzone is located right Sea World theme park which is only 10 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise CBD.

Why should you skydive in Surfers Paradise?

  • Beach landing
  • Very unique jump (from a helicopter)
  • 10,000 feet jump

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Yarra Valley

If you’re looking for a more serene skydiving location in Australia, the Yarra Valley will be perfect.

Located in the beautiful Victoria countryside, skydiving in the Yarra Valley offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and the vineyards.

It’s particularly practical for Melbournians who don’t want to jump in the city but would prefer some valley views instead.

The Yarra Valley is one of the best wine regions in Australia. It’s a popular place for romantic getaways and wine tastings.

While most people don’t come here to skydive or experience adrenaline-filled adventures, it doesn’t mean it’s not something you should add to your list!

The landscapes are beautiful. The vineyards have shaped the valleys and it’s so pretty to see!

That’s why air balloon rides and helicopter rides are popular in the area.

Opting for a skydive is a great way to enjoy the views while getting a bit more thrill.

The dropzone is located in Lilydale Airport which is a 55-minute drive from Melbourne CBD.

Why should you skydive in the Yarra Valley?

  • Views over the vineyards
  • Close to Melbourne

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Coffs Harbour

Whether you are on a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane or on holiday here, skydiving in Coffs Harbour is a great choice for people who want a beach landing without having to go all the way up to Queensland!

The location offers stunning views of the coast and the hinterland.

This tandem skydive is provided by a local company, Coffs City Skydivers, and includes the training, equipment and everything you need.

The skydivers who will take you on this adventure are passionate and they will make you feel very comfortable.

The freefall lasts 20 seconds here but the entire experience takes about 2 hours (between the training, the scenic flight and the jump).

You will be landing on a beautiful beach near the Solitary Islands Marine Reserve.

Why should you skydive in Coffs Harbour?

  • Lovely team
  • Beach landing

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Busselton & Rottnest Island, WA

skydiving in Busselton

Recommended by Kenny from Knycx Journeying

My skydive in Western Australia was for sure one of the most exhilarating experiences that I had.

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure and an upsurge of adrenaline in your trip to Australia, I recommend doing it – at least once in your lifetime.

While it may look very scary, it’s actually quite safe as you jump off the plane in tandem with the experienced and professional guide.

I jumped in Busselton with Skydive Geronimo, where I could enjoy the incredible view of the ocean and the area from 14,000 feet.

Now they only operate in Rottnest Island, which is an even better location to skydive. The Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Perth, and it’s a half-hour ferry ride away from Fremantle.

It is a popular locals’ getaway with pristine beaches, dramatic rock formation, historic houses, resorts, and miles of cycling paths.

The skydive takes place at the Rottnest Island Airport and skydivers will get to see different colours and textures of the entire island from the sky – from the green and luscious bushlands, the sandy beaches, the turquoise seawater to the vibrant corals in the shallows.

Landing takes place on beaches from Thompson Bay, Bickley Bay, or Salmon Bay on the island.

This is the best place to skydive because of its location and incredible view; you will want to do it again immediately once you hit the ground!

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Skydiving in Newcastle is a great choice if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush near Sydney.

The location offers stunning views of the coast, the Ocean, the city and Lake Macquarie.

It’s a great option for people who want to get a bit of everything. The views are varied since there is a bit of beach, a few urban vibes and swirling sands in Lake Macquarie.

It’s a tandem skydive at 15,000 feet which means that you will get about 60 seconds of freefall and 6-7 minutes of gliding.

The dropzone is located at Belmont Airport which is only a short drive from Newcastle CBD (30 minutes). If you are coming from Sydney, it will take you about two hours to get there.

Why should you skydive in the Newscastle?

  • The Views are incredible (very underrated!)
  • Close to Sydney

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Perth, WA

skydiving in Perth Australia

If you live in Perth and don’t want to go to Rottnest Island for your skydive, it’s totally fine! You can also skydive over Perth CBD!

You will need to go to Rockingham for that. It takes about 40 minutes from the city.

You will be jumping at 15,000 ft as well. The scenic flight lasts about 20 minutes.

Once you jump, you will get wonderful views over Penguin Island, Cockburn Sound, Garden Islan and even Rottnest Island! Finally, you will land on the beach!

This is a great option for people who don’t want to go too far from the centre to enjoy their skydive!

Click here to see the latest prices and availability. 

Lake Alexandrina, SA

If you are near Adelaide and want to skydive above a lake, then you should consider this one! Located in the Fleurieu region, between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, Lake Alexandrina is a great place to spend the weekend.

During your skydive, you will get to enjoy gorgeous views over one of Australia’s most famous wine region! The lush landscapes, the lake and the coast are so beautiful!

Click here for more information and prices

Now that you know all the best places to skydive in Australia, it’s time to go and have fun! Skydiving in Australia is such an amazing experience.

I’ll admit it, I was a bit scared (alright I was super mega scared!) but it was so amazing! I would do it all over again!

Have fun!

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