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Located in North West England, Lake District National Park is one of the most beautiful places to see in the UK. If you love outdoor activities, wildlife photography and nature, it will be your paradise!


Lake District was one of the first national parks in the UK, alongside the ones in Wales. Very often referred to as the Lakes or Lakeland, this national park is particularly well known for its lakes, mountains, forests but also historical sites. In 2017, it was designated as UNESCO world heritage site.


There are many things to do in the Lake District. If you can stay for a few days, it’s ideal but if you are short in time and visiting Northern England, a day trip will be a good option too.


Whether you are staying in London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Liverpool, you will find plenty of tours of the Lake District.


So, are you ready to discover the ultimate Lake District Tours guide? Let’s get started!


lake district tours england


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Lake District tours from London


If you are staying in London and want to go on an adventure, a trip to Lake District will be the perfect escape! Several options are available.


You can opt for a day tour but be aware of the fact that Lake District is located over 3 hours away from London. This means that you need to be prepared for a long and tiring day. If you can afford it, a 2 or 3-day trip would be ideal. That having been said, it all depends on the time you have.


No matter what, I would highly recommend going on tour and not organise it yourself (from London, if you are staying in Northern England, that’s another story but I’ll get to that further down). Most places in Lake District are not accessible via public transport and going on a tour will allow you to make the best of your time in England.


Here are some options to go on a Lake District Tour from London.



lake district tour from london



Lake District Day trip from London


Day trips generally last 13 to 14 hours. You will start the day at Euston Station (London) and will jump on a train to Oxenholme. The train journey is about 3 hours long.


Once you get to Lake District, you will get to discover beautiful medieval villages (Hawkshead), the house of Beatrix Potter, go on a cruise and of course admire the stunning landscapes.


You will also get to experience a traditional English Cream Tea!

Please note that itineraries vary a bit in winter, so you get the best experience!


For more information and bookings, check out this page.


2-day tour from London to Lake District


If you want to take things easy and enjoy a bit of time by yourself in Lake District, you may want to consider an overnight tour.


On this 2 day tour, you will get to do the same things that on a day trip but also enjoy a night in a beautiful 3 or 4-star hotel and a day of independent sightseeing.


It’s a very good option if you want to get both guided activities and some time on your own. It will also be less tiring.


For more information and bookings, click here.


3 day tour from London to Lake District


If you want to spend more time on site and discover the true beauty of Lake District, a 3-day tour will be perfect!


You will meet with your guide at Euston station before hopping on the train. Once you get to Lake District, a driver/guide will bring you around in a luxury mini-bus. As the group is smaller than in the other tours, it’s perfect to get to know more about the Lakes.


In this tour, on top of all the other activities mentioned previously, you will get immerse yourself into nature. You will go on walks, discover beautiful forests, waterfalls and of course, lakes!

For more information and bookings, click here.


5 Day tour from London to Lake District, Cambridge and York


If you want to hit two birds with the same stone, you may be interested in going on a 5-day trip!

With this tour, you will get to discover beautiful historic cities such as Cambridge and York as well as discovering Lake District.


This tour is ideal for people who are interested in both nature and history. It’s the ideal opportunity to get to know more about British culture. You will visit places linked to William Shakespeare, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and many more!

For more information and bookings, check out this page.


Lake District tours from Manchester


If you are staying in Manchester, a trip to the Lake District is a must-do! Manchester a very convenient location and if you can I would recommend to hire a car and organise this trip yourself. However, if you only have a limited amount of time, an organised Lake District tour from Manchester will be ideal!

Here are the options available to you.


lake district tour from Manchester


Lake District day trip from Manchester

Manchester is located only a couple of hours away from the Lake District, it is a good idea to go on a day-trip. As previously mentioned, it’s quite a tiring thing to do from London, however, it’s way better from Manchester.


You can opt for:


A day trip by train: In this tour, you will meet at Manchester Piccadilly Station between 8am and 9am to hop on a train for Windermere (2h15). Once you get there, you will get access to a bus that will take you to the lakes in the central zone. You will also get to go on a cruise on Windermere Lake and visit the house of Beatrix Potter. For more information and bookings, click here.


A day trip by bus: If are looking for a cheaper alternative, you may want to consider a day-trip by bus. You will travel to Lake District in a mini-bus, directly from Manchester. On this tour, you will get to the beautiful village of Hawkshead, admire the lakes and go on a cruise! The guide is very knowledgeable which means you will get to learn plenty of things about this beautiful region of Northern England. The itinerary is well thought out which allows you to make the best of this day! You can check this page for more information and bookings.


Lake District 3-day tour from Manchester


If you want to spend more time in the Lakes, you may want to consider a 3-day tour! Lake District is one of the most beautiful natural places to visit in the UK and it’s definitely worth spending some time there.


manchester tours to lake district


The journey starts in Manchester Picadilly Station where you will get on a train to Penrith. Once you get there, you will meet your guide that will take you to the northern shores of Ullswater and Keswick. On the second day, you will discover Lake Windermere and the picturesque village of Hawkshead. Finally, on day 3 you will head to Whinlatter Forest Park and the forests of Borrowdale.


You will be staying in a local B&B (breakfast included), perfect to discover the Cumbrian local culture!


If you want to know more or book, you will find everything here.


4- day tour from Manchester to Lake District and Hadrian’s wall


With this tour, you will be picked up in Manchester by your driver/guide. You will spend 4 days and 3 nights in Lake District and enjoy some of the best activities! The tour includes a lake cruise, an adventure day (perfect for nature lovers!), a train ride, a visit of Muncaster Castle gardens, a Six Lakes tour and a full day at Hadrian’s Wall!


Hadrian’s Wall is a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site that was built by the Romans! As well as being one of the most interesting historical sites in the UK, it’s a very beautiful and unspoilt natural place.


Accommodation and guide are included. For more information or bookings, head this way.


Lake District tours from Edinburgh


Lake District is not as easily accessible from Scotland which is why you won’t really find day trips from Edinburgh. That having been said, there are a few options if you are open to the idea of going on a multi-day trip (which you should, it’s worth it!).


lake district tour from edinburgh



Lake District 3-day trip from Edinburgh


On this 3-day trip, you will get to discover the most beautiful places in Lake District! You will travel in a mini-bus from Edinburgh to Northern England. During these 3 days, you will discover historic Cumbrian towns and castles such as Penrith, Kenswick and Hawkshead. You will also discover beautiful natural places: lake Ullswater (England’s most beautiful lake) and Whinlatter Forest Park.


It’s the perfect opportunity to discover both the culture and nature in Lake District!


You will stay in a local B&B and end the tour at the Penrith station. From there you can choose to either go back to Edinburgh or keep going further south, to London for example.


For more information about this tour, click here.



Northern England 5-Day Tour from Edinburgh (including Lake District)


If you want to discover more than just Lake District, you can hit 2 birds with one stone by going on this 5-day Northern England tour.


With this one, you will get to discover plenty of amazing places such as:

  • York
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Lake District
  • Robin Hood’s Bay
  • Hadrian’s Wall


It’s the perfect mix between nature and culture! For more information and bookings, you can check this.


Lake District tour from Liverpool


A bit like Manchester, Liverpool is conveniently located 1:30 hour away from the Lake District, perfect for a day trip! There are 2 kinds of day trip options from Liverpool.


lake district tour from liverpool



Classic Lake District day-trip from Liverpool


This tour follows the most popular itinerary. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much the same than the one mentioned previously from Manchester. You will meet at the World Museum and jump on a mini-bus.


The tour lasts about 11 hours. You will get to explore the medieval village of Hawkshead, go on a cruise and enjoy stunning views of the lakes! The guide has a great knowledge of the region and will give you plenty of info about the Lakes! Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to know more!


For more information and bookings, head this way.


Lake District Sightseeing Adventure Day Trip from Liverpool


This day trip takes a bit of a different itinerary but is just as good as the first one!

On this one, you will get to stop by the Castlerigg Neolithic Stone Circle and discover Grasmere Village, particularly famous for its gingerbread. If you want to taste authentic and traditional gingerbread, this tour is for you!


You will also spend time in Ambleside where you can opt for a cruise (not included though).

Check this page for more information and bookings.


So are you ready? Pack up your bags and get ready to discover the most beautiful National Park in the UK during one of these Lake District tours!



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