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Heading to Peak District and want to go on a Mam Tor walk from Castleton? We’ve got you covered!

Castleton is one of the most popular villages in the Peak district and Mam Tor is definitely the most iconic peak in the national park!

Going on a walk from Castleton to Mam Tor is a way to make the most of your time in the peaks!

How to get to Castleton

Winnats Pass in the Peak District
street to the castle castleton

The best way to get to Castleton is by car. You can easily drive there from anywhere in the UK.

It takes about 1 hour from Manchester city centre and you will drive down Winnats Pass which is one of the most scenic roads in England.

If you don’t have a car and want to take public transport, you can book a train ticket to Hope and then take the bus to Castleton.

Finally, you can also book a day tour from Manchester to the Peak District.

This includes a stop at Castleton but you won’t get to do the Mam Tor Walks. Info and prices here.

Where to park in Castleton?

on street parking in castleton

The best place to park is at Castleton visitor centre.

This is a pay and display national park carpark. It costs £4 up to 4 hours and £6 up to 10 hours.

If you are an early bird and get to Castleton before 9 am, you will find free on-street parking on Castle Street.

This is a fairly small street so it gets full very quickly but it’s always worth a shot!

Alternatively, you’ll find on-street parking on the main road as well as more car parks a bit further out.

Walking routes from Castleton to Mam Tor

There are 2 circular walks from Castleton to Mam Tor which gives you 2 great options.

The first one is Castleton Circular walk via Mam Tor. It’s a bit shorter and easier.

Perfect if you don’t want to walk more than 3 hours (6 miles) and see amazing landscapes.

The second one is the Castleton Mam Tor and the Great Ridge walk.

It’s a bit longer (about 9 miles) and will take you on one of the best ridge walks in the country!

They both take the same route for the first 5 miles so if you don’t know which one to do, you can just see how you feel when both path split (which is after Mam Tor).

Mam Tor walk itinerary from Castleton

From the visitor centre, walk up to the roundabout and turn left. Walk up the road (about 1 minute) and turn left on Castle Street.

Walk up this street and stick to your left towards Cave Dale.

There is another walking path on the right but this one goes to the castle instead.

Follow the path through Cave Dale.

cave dale walk castleton

You will find a couple of signs too, follow the ones indicating the Bridleway.

signs bridleway castleton

Eventually, you will see a dirt road going through the fields. Follow this one up. There is a farm on the right-hand side.

farm between castleton and mam tor

At this point, you should see Mam Tor in the background!

mam tor from castleton

Go up to Mam Tor, through the fields.

mam tor walk from castleton

Take the Mam Tor stone path.

mam tor peak district walk

Keep going up until you reach the summit!

mam tor summit

From Mam Tor, you can see Edale and Kinder Scout on your left and Castleton on your right.

mam tor view edale

Keep walking on the stone path, on the Great Ridge walk.

mam tor ridge walk

You will arrive at Hollins Cross. You can easily recognise this place as there is a stone monument in the memory of Tom Hyett.

At this stage, you have to choose whether you want to walk back to Castleton or keep going on the Great Ridge walk.

views from mam tor
castleton from mam tor

Option 1: Complete the circular walk back to Castleton

If you want to walk back to Castleton, open the gate on your right and follow the path back to the village. Keep following the Public path signs and then the Hollowford Road to Castleton signs.

Eventually, you will make it back to the village.

Altogether, this walk should about 3 hours to complete.

Option 2: Go on the Great Ridge walk

great ridge walk from Mam Tor
great ridge path from Mam Tor

If you are willing to walk more, then keep going on the Great Ridge walk will be perfect!

This is a beautiful walk and I highly recommend it.

From Hollins Cross, keep going on the ridge path towards Back Tor. You will find a gate on the left. Open it and start making your way up to the summit of Back Tor. The views are amazing from there!

back tor

Then, keep following the path to Lose Hill, the last peak on this walk.

You will then start making your way down through the fields. Keep to your right and go over the fence (there are steps).

You will then start a bit of a steep descent. Follow the Public path signs to Castleton.

castleton circular walk

You will reach a dirt road. Keep walking and you will be making it to the village very soon! Once you reach the main road, turn on your right and you will be back to the car park within 5 minutes.

What to wear to walk to Mam Tor from Castleton?

Mam Tor is notorious for being very windy so make sure you are taking a hat and/or are wearing a jumper with a hood.

The wind is strong and cold which can be painful for your ears.

If you are visiting in summer, you may be ok with a T-shirt but make sure to take a good jumper. You will be walking up mountains and it can be cold.

If the weather forecast indicated rain, make sure to take a good rain jacket. I particularly recommend Lighthouse Clothing jackets. They are great quality and very good value.

Finally, if you are visiting between September and May, it’s safe to say it will be cold!

In this case, make sure to wear warm clothes, a beanie, a rain or wind jacket and of course, hiking shoes.

Where to stay in Castleton?

Castleton is an excellent base for a weekend in the Peak District.

Here are some options to book your accommodation in Castleton:

accommodation in castleton

– Ye Olde Nags Head is a typical British pub and hotel. It’s located only 2 minutes walk from the visitor centre, making it a great place to stay in Castleton. Click here to see the latest prices.

– Dunscar Farm Bed & Breakfast is a fabulous bed and breakfast, perfect for a romantic stay! Prices and info here.

– The George Inn is a beautiful inn, ideally located near the best walks in Castleton. Click here to see photos and prices.

Castleton is home to some of the most beautiful walks in Peak District. If you love nature and stunning landscapes, these Mam Tor walks from Castleton will be perfect for you!

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