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30 August 2019

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Manchester has given the UK quite a few food specialties. If you are planning on visiting Manchester, make sure to try at least a few of them as it will give you a real taste of the city. Some of them became a classic and some of them stayed a very Mancunian thing. Regardless, they are all worth a try and should be part of your Manchester bucket list!


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The black pudding, an essential piece of any full English breakfast, is believed to have been imported by the French to Bury (north Manchester) where butchers started manufacturing and selling it. The word itself comes from the original french “boudin”.

2 – Vimto

Vimto is a Mancunian soft drink that was invented by Noel Nichols in 1908. Nichols believed he could solve the alcohol addiction issue by creating a soft drink better than alcohol. Not sure it solved that problem but it became an important part of the Manchester food and drink scene.

3 – Lancashire cheese

The Lancashire cheese is a crumbly cheese made with cow’s milk. It is one of Britain’s oldest cheeses and was initially made to use up the surplus of milk in farms.

4 – Eccles cakes

Eccles cakes are small round cakes made from pastry with butter. They’re named after the town of Eccles, now part of the city of Salford. They are generally served with Lancashire cheese.

5 – Meat and potato pie

This classic of the Northern cuisine is made with stewed beef, potatoes, onions and gravy. Simple and efficient!

6 – Lancashire hotpot

Traditionally made with lamb, onions, stock and potatoes, the Lancashire Hotpot became a pub classic all across the UK.

7 – Manchester tart

This typical Mancunian pudding is made with jam, yellow custard, a pinch of coconut and a cherry on top. A classic!

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