National Trust Membership

Want to know more about National Trust and discover whether the membership is worth it or not? Here is everything you need to know about National Trust Membership.

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What is the National Trust?

The National Trust is an independent charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Founded in 1895, the National Trust preserves and protects places of historic interest or natural beauty. Most properties have been given to the National Trust over the years. It now owns over 500 heritage properties including castles, gardens, parks and houses.

The National Trust renovates and looks after every property they take on board. But the beautiful thing about it is that they don’t just keep it in a good state. They open all of them to the public and make sure the story of the place is told. As an individual, you can visit all the National Trust properties. Many volunteers and employees work on-site to give you as much information as possible.

The National Trust really makes sure that the history of all these places is being carried out and known. 

The entrance fee depends on the property. It can go from £5 to £21. The National Trust also offer very interesting memberships. So if you want to visit a few places and support an amazing charity, this can be a good way to do it.

How much is National Trust Membership?

The National Trust offers 3 types of memberships: individual, family and joint. Here are the prices:


  • Adult (over 26): £72 per year or £6 per month
  • Young adult (18 to 25): £36 per year
  • Junior (5 to 17): £10 per year
  • Under 5: free


  • 2 adults: £120 per year or £10 per month


  • Family 2 adults & up to 10 children or grandchildren: £126 per year or £10.50 per month
  • Family 1 adult & up to 10 children or grandchildren: £78 per year or £6.50 per month

What do you get with National Trust Membership?

The National Trust Membership gives access to all the properties for free or reduced price (most of the time free though), free car park on all the properties and a yearly discovery pack.

Is a National Trust Membership worth it?

Yes! Definitely! Or at least for most people.

If you are an individual and won’t go more than twice or three times a year to a National Trust place, then it won’t be worth it. You won’t get your money back but you will still be supporting the charity which might be enough for you.

If you do want to visit National Trust more than 2 or 3 times a year, have a family or are a couple, it will be definitely worth it!

National Trust is always a great family day out and you will make your money back after one visit only or almost. National Trust is everywhere in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This means that if you travel a bit in the UK, you will make it worth it quickly but even if you don’t, there are always at least 4 or 5 National Trust places pithing 1 hour drive from where you are. This means that you can do that on a Sunday very easily.

Why should you get a National Trust Membership?

National Trust Memberships are great for several reasons. Here is why you should get a National Trust Membership.

Good cause: National Trust is an amazing charity. They look after properties that deserve to be conserved. It wouldn’t be for them, the UK would be losing so many heritage sites. More importantly, they do it so well. All National Trust properties are extremely well preserved. They are in an incredible good state. Every single penny earned is put back into these properties and that’s exactly what we want from a charity.

Value for money: All National Trust properties are extremely well looked after. No matter which one you choose, if it’s National Trust you can be sure to make a good decision. You can’t possibly be disappointed by it. Of course, they are all very different and you will like some more than others but no matter what you will always have the guarantee to have a great experience.

Money saving: With a membership, you will pay a maximum of £72 per year. Most National Trust places cost about £20 and that doesn’t even include carpark. If you go more than 3 times a year, it will save you a lot of money.

History: The National Trust chooses its properties very carefully. They all have a very interesting history. They are representative of an important period in British history. You will learn plenty while visiting them.


How can I get a National Trust Membership?

You can get your membership in any National Trust property and online. 

It’s very easy and quick to get it online so I would recommend it that way.

You can do it from the comfort of your home and won’t have to wait for a volunteer on-site to fill out the paperwork for you. 

Just go on the National Trust website and sign up!

It’s very easy, you just need to give your contact details and pay by card or set up the direct debit.

You will receive your card by post within a month. 

Once you have it, you only need to show it at the entrance of each site, they will scan it and you will be able to get in for free.