How to get to Daydream Island


20 October 2020

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How to get to Daydream Island

Planning a trip to the Whitsundays and wondering how to get to Daydream Island? We are here to help!


Daydream Island is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Whitsundays. It’s a great place to enjoy a relaxing holiday, in one of the best resorts in Queensland!


There is no airport on Daydream island which means that flying directly there is not an option.


The nearest airports are Proserpine (Airlie Beach) and Hamilton Island. From there, there are a couple of ways to get to Daydream Island.


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How to get to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays


Ferry to Daydream Island


Taking the ferry is the best and easiest way to get to Daydream Island by yourself.


daydream island things to do


You can buy an island hopper ticket online and take any of the ferries between Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Daydream Island.


There are between 7 and 10 ferries per day so you will have plenty of choice!


The ferry ride itself is pretty amazing. Usually, ferries aren’t the best vessels to explore a place and even though that’s not as good as a cruise, the ride is very scenic. The Whitsundays are amazingly beautiful and you will catch a glimpse of their beauty from the ferry.


The ferries depart from either Port of Airlie or Hamilton Island.


It takes about 30 minutes to get from Airlie Beach to Daydream Island and 45 minutes from Hamilton Island.


Please note that you can book an island transfer from both the port/marina or the airport.


If you are only taking a single ticket (or if the return is not on the same day), you can book your transfer online. Prices here.


If you are planning on visiting several places on the same day, it’s worth taking the island hopper pass. Prices and information here.


Booking a day tour


If you are planning on visiting Daydream Island as a day trip in the Whitsundays, it’s better to go on a tour.


The best way to explore the Whitsundays is by boat. There are loads of cruises in the Whitsundays and some of them go to Daydream Island for the day.


You can opt for this day cruise. It leaves from Airlie Beach and goes to Whitehaven Beach in the morning before heading to Daydream Island.


whitehaven beach in the whitsundays


Once you reach Daydream Island, you can either go walking or just relax by the pool of the resort.


Daydream island is a fairly small island. Although there are a few things to do there, the best way to experience it is by staying at the resort. If you are only visiting for a day, the cruise is a great way to make the best of your time.


Click here for more information and see the latest prices.


Charter a boat


If you have a bit of a bigger budget, it’s worth considering chartering a boat. The Whitsundays are one of the only places in the world where you don’t need a license to do so.


sunset in the whitsundays


Although I wouldn’t recommend taking a boat if you have no idea how to sail it, it’s still an option.


Thankfully, you can also charter a boat with a crew!


You can customise your dream itinerary with the crew. Everything is included which means you don’t need to worry about anything. Wet suits, food, coffee, snacks… everything is there!


Click here for more information and see the latest prices.


Take a taxi boat


You can also book a taxi boat to Daydream island. You can book it online and jump on the boat in Airlie Beach, Whitehaven Beach or Hamilton Island.


It usually costs about $300 one way (from Airlie).


Daydream Island Itineraries


How to get to Daydream Island from Airlie Beach


From Airlie Beach, you can either take the ferry from Port of Airlie or choose the airport pick-up.


If you are flying to Airlie Beach, make sure to book a transfer. It will make your life much easier.


From the luggage pick up at Proserpine, there will be a driver who will bring you to the port on board of a mini-bus.


Once you get there, jump on the ferry and 30 minutes later you will be on Daydream island.


You can either book an island transfer or an island hopper ticket.


How to get to Daydream Island from Hamilton Island


The ferry from Hamilton Island to Daydream Island leaves from the marina. You can go there directly to check-in.


If you are flying to Hamilton Island, you can also be picked up at the airport. The driver will bring you to the marina where you can take the ferry.


Click here to see the latest prices for island transfers from Hamilton Island.


How to get to Daydream Island from Sydney


The best, quickest and cheapest way to get from Sydney to Daydream Island is to fly to Proserpine Airport.


There are loads of flights going there every day and you can score some really good deals! Check fares here.


From the airport, book an island transfer to Daydream Island. Prices here.


You can also choose to fly to Hamilton Island however both flights and ferries are more expensive from there. If you are planning on staying on Hamilton Island, that’s a good way to do it. Otherwise, it’s better to go to Airlie Beach first.


How to get to Daydream Island from Brisbane


The quickest way to get from Brisbane to Daydream island is also to fly to Proserpine and get an island transfer from there.


You can book your island transfer online. Prices here.


If you fancy going on an East Coast road trip, you can also choose to drive to Airlie Beach. Once you get there, park your car somewhere near the port and jump on the ferry to Daydream Island.


You can book your ticket online.


How to get to Daydream Island from Melbourne


From Melbourne, flights are a bit more expensive so I highly recommend to fly to Airlie Beach and not Hamilton Island. It will save you a lot of money.


You can check the latest fares for flights from Melbourne to Prosperine here.


Make sure you also book your airport pickup and transfer to Daydream island. Prices here.


FAQ about Daydream Island


Should I book my transfer to Daydream Island online?


Ideally, yes! The Whitsundays are a popular destination in Australia. If you are visiting during the peak season, everything gets booked out very quickly.


You can easily book your transfer (from the airports, Port of Airlie or Hamilton Marina) online. Prices are available here.


If you are planning to go on a tour in the Whitsundays, it’s also worth booking in advance to avoid any disappointment.


Is one day on Daydream island enough?


It all depends on what you want to do. Daydream Island is a very small island so you can easily explore it on one day.


However, the real beauty of Daydream island is the accommodation. It’s home to an amazing resort. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, away from the crowds, you should consider booking a room at the Daydream Island resort.


Should I visit Daydream island?


Daydream Island is a beautiful place. It’s very laid back and relaxing. There are also a lot of walking and snorkelling opportunities.


If you love nature and exploring offbeat destinations, visiting Daydream island is a must-do!


It’s also a great place for a spa holiday. The resort offers loads of wellness services.


All of that having been said, if you can only spend a couple of days in the Whitsundays, Daydream Island shouldn’t be your priority. Your time would be better spent on a cruise, visiting Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.


Here is everything you need to know about transportation to Daydream Island! Have fun in the Whitsundays!


Can I bring my dog on Daydream Island?


Unfortunately no you can’t. There is no pet-friendly accommodation on Daydream island and dogs are not allowed in National parks in Australia which means that your fur baby won’t be able to go to the island.


If you are travelling with a dog, you can book a pet-friendly accommodation in Airlie Beach and go on a day trip to Daydream island instead.


This would be the best way to handle it.



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Getting to Daydream island in the Whitsundays


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