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Looking for the ultimate Australia quiz? You’ve come to the right place!

We put together an awesome trivia quiz about Australia which includes general knowledge questions, Australian geography questions, history and plenty more!

Australia is a fascinating country. It’s home to beautiful landmarks, stunning beaches and islands and many other beautiful places.

Whether you are Australian or an outsider who loves everything Aussie, this awesome Australia Trivia Quiz is for you!

Are you ready to start the trivia quiz about Australia? Let’s get down to it! Here are 14 rounds of questions about Oz!

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Round 1: Australia General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Australia General Knowlegde
  1. How many states are there in Australia?
  2. What is the constellation on Australia’s flag?
  3. What type of mines do you find in Coober Pedy, South Australia?
  4. What was the name of the architect of the Sydney Opera House?
  5. Who is Australia’s head of State?
  6. When is Australia Day?
  7. Which national park is jointly managed by the Australian government and the traditional owners?
  8. In which country did the Battle of Gallipoli happen?
  9. How many time zones are there in continental Australia in December?
  10. Which famous latitude line runs just a bit south of Rockhampton?

Round 1: Australia General Knowledge Quiz Answers

  1. 6 states (Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia). ACT and NT are territories, not states.
  2. The Southern Cross
  3. Opal mines
  4. Jørn Utzon. He was Danish.
  5. King Charles III
  6.  26th January
  7. Kakadu National Park
  8. Turkey
  9. Three
  10. Tropic of Capricorn

Round 2: Australia Multiple Choice Questions

Australian Multiple choice questions
  1. How long is the Great Barrier Reef?
    1. 300 km
    2. 1,300 km
    3. 2,300 km
    4. 3,300 km
  2. How much of Australia’s population lives on the coast?
    1. 25%
    2. 45%
    3. 65%
    4. 85%
  3. What is the second largest National Park in Australia?
    1. Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park
    2. Karijini National Park
    3. Whitsundays National Park
    4. Litchfield National Park
  4. How many people live in Melbourne?
    1. 3,151,000
    2. 4,151,000
    3. 5,151,000
    4. 6,151,000
  5. Which one is further north?
    1. Mackay
    2. Airlie Beach
    3. Bowen
    4. Bundaberg
  6. What was the first national park in Australia?
    1. Royal National Park
    2. Lamington National Park
    3. The Grampians National Park
    4. Springbrook National Park
  7. Which one of the following people became Prime Minister first?
    1. Kevin Rudd
    2. Malcolm Turnbull
    3. Julia Gillard
    4. Tony Abbott
  8. When did the Gold Rush start in Australia?
    1. 1781
    2. 1821
    3. 1851
    4. 1911
  9. Who named New South Wales as such?
    1. Abel Tasman
    2. Captain Cook
    3. Captain William Bligh
    4. King Henry VIII
  10. When were Uluru and Kata Tjuta handed back to the Traditional owners?
    1. 1985
    2. 1990
    3. 1995
    4. 2000

Round 2: Australia Multiple Choice Answers

  1. 2,300 km
  2. 85%
  3. Karijini National Park
  4. 5,151,000
  5. Bowen
  6. Royal National Park
  7. Kevin Rudd
  8. 1851
  9. Captain Cook
  10. 1985

Round 3: Australia True or False Questions

Australian true or false
  1. There are more kangaroos in Australia than people.
  2. Melbourne has the largest Greek population outside of Greece.
  3. The Rocks is a historical neighbourhood in Melbourne.
  4. Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania.
  5. Anthony Albanese is part of the Australian Labor Party.
  6. Melbourne Airport is the busiest airport in Australia.
  7. Mount Townsend is located in Tasmania.
  8. The Darling River is located in New South Wales.
  9. The Parliament House in Canberra is featured on the 5-dollar bank note.
  10. Tim Tams were introduced in the 90s.

Round 3: Australia True or False Answers

  1. True
  2. True
  3. False, it’s in Sydney
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False, it’s Sydney Airport
  7. False, it’s in New South Wales
  8. True
  9. True
  10. False, it was in the 60s

Round 4: Australia Trivia Questions

Australian trivia questions
  1. In which Australian National Park can you find the prehistoric sites of ​​Nourlangie, Nanguluwur and Ubirr?
  2. What is the Garden State of Australia?
  3. Who was Australia’s Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England?
  4. Which team is Meg Lanning the captain of?
  5. What breed of horse compete at the Melbourne Cup?
  6. In which city can you find the AFL’s headquarters?
  7. Which actress played Tilly in ‘The Dressmaker’?
  8. Which island near Perth is famous for being home to a lot of Quokkas?
  9. In which bay did Captain Cook land for the first time in Australia?
  10. Which 19th-century penal settlement located 90 minutes drive from Hobart is now an open-air museum?

Round 4: Australia Trivia Answers

  1. Kakadu National Park
  2. Victoria
  3. Robert Menzies
  4. Australia women’s national cricket team
  5. Thoroughbred
  6. Melbourne
  7. Kate Winsley
  8. Rottnest Island
  9. Botany Bay
  10. Port Arthur 

Round 5: Australian geography Quiz Questions

Australian geography quiz
  1. Australia is home to the largest cattle station in the world. What is it called?
  2. What is the name of the highway that runs from Darwin to Adelaide?
  3. What is the highest mountain in Australia?
  4. How many UNESCO World Heritage sites are there in Australia?
  5. What is the largest desert in Australia?
  6. What is the name of the train that runs between Sydney and Perth?
  7. In which archipelago can you find Whitehaven Beach?
  8. What is the smallest state capital in Australia?
  9. What is the longest river in Australia?
  10. What is the most populated state in Australia?

Round 5: Australian geography Quiz Answers

  1. Anna Creek Station
  2. Stuart Highway
  3. Mount Kosciuszko
  4. 19 sites
  5. The Great Victorian Desert (348,750 square km)
  6. The Indian Pacific
  7. The Whitsunday Islands.
  8. Hobart
  9. Murray River
  10. New South Wales

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Round 6: Australian Music Quiz Questions

Australian music
  1. Which Australian singer sang “The Loco-Motion”?
  2. Which Australian artist sings “Breeze” and “Follow the sun”?
  3. Which Australian hard rock band is known as one of the “100 Greatest artists of all time”?
  4. With which French DJ did Australian singer, Sia, made the song “Titanium” in 2011? 
  5. Which Australian band sang “Stayin’ Alive”?
  6. What is Rick Springfield most popular song?
  7. Which Australian song mentions “eating a vegemite sandwich”?
  8. With which indie fold song did Vance Joy become famous in 2013?
  9. Which Australian instrument is known as the world’s oldest musical instrument?
  10. What was the first public performance in the Sydney Opera House?

Round 6: Australian Music Quiz Answers

  1. Kylie Minogue
  2. Xavier Rudd
  3. AC/DC
  4. David Guetta
  5. The Bee Gees
  6. Jessie’s Girl
  7. Down Under by Men at Work
  8. Riptide
  9. Didgeridoo
  10. War and Peace by Sergei Prokofiev

Round 7: Australian Literature Quiz Questions

Australian literature
  1. Who is the only Australian who won the Nobel Prize for literature?
  2. Which American author wrote a book about Australia called “Down Under”?
  3. Which Australian author wrote “The Secret River”?
  4. Which Australian author wrote “Possum Magic”?
  5. What is the name of Australia’s most prestigious literary prize?

Round 7: Australian Literature Quiz Answers

  1. Patrick While (1973)
  2. Bill Bryson
  3. Kate Grenville
  4. Mem Fox
  5. The Miles Franklin

Round 8: Australian Movies Quiz Questions

Australian movies quiz questions
  1. In which Australian city does the Brierley family live in the movie “Lion”?
  2. Which two Australian actors starred in the 2008 movie “Australia”? 
  3. When was the first Crocodile Dundee released?
  4. What is the name of the killer in Wolf Creek?
  5. In which state is “Red Dog” set?
  6. Complete the title of this movie ‘The Adventures of _________, Queen of the Desert’.
  7. Which actor portrayed the character Max Rockatansky in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’?
  8. Which Australian actor portrayed the character of Drover in the movie ‘Australia’?
  9. In the movie ‘The Castle’, which airport is being expended?
  10. In the movie ‘Rabbit-Proof Fence’, how many weeks do the three little girls walk?

Round 8: Australian Movies Quiz Answers

  1. Hobart
  2. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman
  3. 1986
  4. Mick Taylor
  5. Western Australia
  6. Priscilla
  7. Tom Hardy
  8. Hugh Jackman
  9. Melbourne’s
  10. Nine

Round 9: Australian TV Shows Quiz Questions

Australian tv show quiz
  1. In which fictional town is “Home and Away” set?
  2. What is the name of the French chef in “My Kitchen Rules”?
  3. How many seasons of “Offspring” are there?
  4. Who were the winners of the second season of “Instant Hotel”?
  5. Where do the “Yummy Mummies” live?
  6. Which Australian TV show is set in the fictional farm of Drover’s Run, in the Australian Outback?
  7. What is Sara’s job in “A place to call home”?
  8. Which Australian series was inspired by the real-life story of Cornelia Rau?
  9. In the TV series ‘The Tourist’, which actor portrayed The Man?
  10. In which Melbourne suburb is ‘Jack Irish’ mainly set?

Round 9: Australian TV Shows Quiz Answers

  1. Summer Bay
  2. Emmanuel Feildel
  3. 7 seasons
  4. Debbie and Justin
  5. Melbourne
  6. McLeod’s Daughters
  7. Nurse
  8. Stateless
  9. Jamie Dornan
  10. Fitzroy

Round 10: Australian History Quiz Questions

Australian history quiz
  1. Who was Australia’s first female Prime Minister?
  2. What year did the Sydney Harbour Bridge open?
  3. When did Australia become a federation?
  4. Who is Australia’s longest serving prime minister?
  5. South Australia was the first state to give women the right to vote. Which year did that happen?
  6. Which Prime Minister disappeared in 1967 while swimming?
  7. When did Canberra become the capital city?
  8. What was the first European country to step foot in Australia?
  9. What was the name of Captain Cook’s ship?
  10. When was South Australia established?
  11. In 1856, Australia became the first country to introduce a modern voting method. Which one was it?

Round 10: Australian History Quiz Answers

  1. Julia Gillard
  2. 1932
  3. 1901
  4. Robert Menzies
  5. 1894
  6. Harold Holt
  7. 1913
  8. The Netherlands
  9. HM Endeavour
  10. 1936
  11. Secret Ballot

Round 11: Australian food Quiz Questions

Australian food quiz
  1. What is the main ingredient of Vegemite?
  2. Which biscuit was sent to soldiers during the war?
  3. Which cake is often referred to as “the national cake of Australia”?
  4. Which town is known as the “cherry capital of Australia”?
  5. Which pub classic is a meat version of an Italian dish?
  6. Which meringue-based dessert was invented in honour of a Russian Ballerina?
  7. Which famous Australian biscuit is produced by Arnott’s?
  8. What is the equivalent of Vegemite in Britain?
  9. What Australian fish means “large-scaled river fish” in Aboriginal language?
  10. What flower produced in Tasmania is used for ice-cream?

Round 11: Australian food Quiz Answers

  1. Yeast
  2. Anzac biscuit
  3. Lamingtons
  4. Young, NSW
  5. The chicken parmigiana
  6. Pavlova
  7. Tim Tam
  8. Marmite
  9. Barramundi
  10. Lavender

Round 12: Australian animals Quiz Questions

Australian animals quiz
  1. What are the 2 animals on Australia’s Commonwealth Coat of Arms?
  2. What is a baby kangaroo called?
  3. Which animal is Rottnest Island famous for?
  4. Which Australian animal is known as the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world?
  5. How many of the world’s top 25 deadliest snakes live in Australia?
  6. There are 2 native-Australian mammals that lay eggs. Which one are they?
  7. Australia is home to the longest fence in the world. What is it called?
  8. True or False. Koalas are bears.
  9. Kakadu is home to 10% of all the crocodiles in NT. How many are there in the National Park?
  10. What is the biggest specie of sharks in Australia?

Round 12: Australian animals Quiz Answers

  1. Kangaroo and Emu
  2. A joey
  3. Quokka
  4. The Tasmanian Devil
  5. 21
  6. Platypus and Echidnas
  7. The Dingo Fence (or Dog Fence)
  8. False. They are marsupials.
  9. 10,000 crocodiles.
  10. Whale shark

Round 13: Australian sport Quiz Questions

Australian sport quiz
  1. How many medals did Australia win in the 2016 Olympics?
  2. Who was the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup?
  3. Where is the Australian Open tennis tournament held?
  4. When did Melbourne host the Summer Olympics?
  5. What is the most popular sport in Australia?
  6. What is the largest stadium in Australia?
  7. What does AFL stand for?
  8. Who was the first Australian Aboriginal person to win an individual Olympic gold medal?
  9. Who’s Australia’s most successful Olympian?
  10. How many times did Australia win the Rugby World Cup?

Round 13: Australian Sports Quiz Answers

  1. 29 medals
  2. Michelle Payne (2015)
  3. Melbourne
  4. 1956
  5. Cricket
  6. Melbourne Cricket Ground
  7. Australian Football League
  8. Cathy Freeman. She won a gold medal in the 400 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
  9. Ian Thorpe (9 medals)
  10. Twice (1991 and 1999)

Round 14: Famous natural landmarks in Australia Picture Quiz

Natural Australian landmarks quiz

Round 14: Famous natural landmarks in Australia Picture Quiz Answers

  1. Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
  2. 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria
  3. The Pinnacles, Western Australia
  4. Wave Rock, Western Australia
  5. Bay of Fires, Tasmania
  6. 8 Figure pools, Royal National Park, New South Wales
  7. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland
  8. Millaa Millaa Falls, Queensland
  9. Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
  10. Lake McKenzie, K’gari, Queensland

Round 15: Famous man-made landmarks in Australia Picture Quiz

Man made Australian Landmarks in Australia

Round 15: Famous man-made landmarks in Australia Picture Answers

  1. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
  2. Story Bridge, Brisbane, QLD
  3. Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, VIC
  4. Parliament House, Canberra, ACT
  5. Port Arthur Convict Site, Port Arthur, TAS
  6. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, NSW
  7. Brighton Bathing Boxes, Melbourne, VIC
  8. Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, NSW
  9. Bell Tower, Perth, WA
  10. Q1, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Round 16: Australian cities Picture Quiz

Australian Cities Picture Quiz

Round 16: Australian cities Picture Quiz Answers

  1. Perth
  2. Hobart
  3. Melbourne
  4. Sydney
  5. Brisbane
  6. Cairns
  7. Launceston
  8. Townsville
  9. Canberra
  10. Darwin

Round 17: National Parks in Australia Picture Quiz

Famous National Parks in Australia Picture Quiz

Round 17: National Parks in Australia Picture Quiz Answers

  1. Karijini National Park, Western Australia
  2. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
  3. Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory
  4. Whitsunday Islands National Park, Queensland
  5.  Wilsons Promontory, Victoria
  6.  Grampians National Park, Victoria
  7. Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia
  8. Royal National Park, New South Wales
  9. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
  10. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

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