10 Best Places to take pictures in Miami

Visiting Florida soon and looking for the best places to take pictures in Miami? We are here to help!

Miami is a very cool city. It’s home to some of the best beaches in Florida, incredible Art Deco buildings and cultural neighbourhood. Whether you are visiting for a weekend or more, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities!

Miami is also one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world! There are so many cute places to take photos in Miami!

In this article, you will discover the best photo spots in Miami! So pack your bag and camera, it’s going to be a busy trip!

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Best places to take pictures in Miami

Best Places to take pictures in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the most famous part of Miami. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and amazing bars. It has also been featured in countless movies and TV shows.

If you love taking pictures, you are in for a treat! There are many Instagrammable places in Miami Beach and we shall discover the best ones now!

Lifeguard stands on South Beach

miami beach safeguards

This is the most iconic photo spot in Miami! Nothing screams Florida more than these unique lifeguard stands! You can find them everywhere on the beach. They are all very pretty and have different colours. Some of them even feature unique shapes! To make sure to take the best photos, I particularly recommend walking along the beach and choose several stations. 

Photography tip: If it’s your first time in Miami, you will naturally rush to the first one. This is fine but don’t forget to check out the other ones as you might find one you like more. Make sure to walk up to at least 3 stands! It shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes.

Ocean Drive

Vintage car on Ocean Drive Miami
Photo credit: Lisa Blue via Canva Pro

Ocean Drive is the most popular street in Miami. It lies between the Art Deco district and South Beach. There are a plethora of photo spots on this street alone. 

In order to take the best photos, you need to visit both during the day and at night. It’s a colourful place and the colours really pop when there is daylight. 

But it’s true that the magic of Ocean Drive happens in the evening when all the bars are open and playing music. You will see many limousines driving by. Stop in one of the bars and order a cocktail to take wonderful photos.

Best Photo Spots in Wynwood

Wynwood is a neighbourhood located on the edge of Downtown Miami. It’s a very interesting place. It became world-famous in recent years for its street art but it is a historic district. It has been around for more than a century! 

It used to be a difficult and very modest neighbourhood. Because it was quite poor, people started expressing themselves by painting and spraying the walls. Fast forward 20 years later and it’s now one of the trendiest suburbs in Miami!

Of course, the most famous spot is the Wynwood Walls but there are also a few hidden gems you can discover! So, are you ready to discover some cool places to take pictures in Miami?

Wynwood Walls

miami wynwood murals

Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum featuring amazing murals. It’s a very colourful and fun place! It is one of the most Instagrammable places in Miami now! If you’ve been dreaming of taking these colourful photos with pop murals, then Wynwood should be the first place you visit!

Once you parked your car, walk up to Wynwood Walls. You will see loads of murals in the adjacent streets but you actually need to walk through the gate to get to the Wynwood Walls.

Walk around the open-air museum and get your camera ready! There are thousands of photo opportunities here!

There is also a small gallery that you should visit.

Photo tip: Wynwood Walls is one of the most popular spots in Miami. It can get insanely busy and everyone wants the same photos. If you want to be able to take your photos peacefully, make sure to go there early in the morning.

Wynwood streets

Wynwood walls is the place you should visit in priority however if you want to discover more murals, make sure to wander around the neighbourhood. Most people rush to the walls and leave as soon as they are done. This is a mistake you shouldn’t do!

Wynwood is full of beautiful and underrated pieces! If you want to discover some hidden gems, take some time to walk around the streets. Don’t go too far as there is no need and most street art pieces are concentrated near Wynwood walls anyway.

Unicorn Factory

Located only three blocks from Wynwood Walls, the Unicorn Factory is one of the most magical museums in the world! If you are travelling with kids, they will love it more than anything! But even as an adult, you will have so much fun then!

More importantly, if you are looking for a unique photo spot in Miami. This is it!

The Unicorn Factory features a collection of all things unicorn. Think rainbow, glitter… everything! The photo opportunities are endless! 

You can even ride a unicorn if you want to!

You will need to buy a ticket for the Unicorn Factory. Admittedly, it’s. a bit pricey so I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t really like this kind of things. Either way though, you can always take photos in front of the building!

Shops in Wynwood

Cool shops in Wynwood Miami
Photo credit: Gagliardi Photography via Canva Pro

Wynwood became a hipster neighbourhood. For this reason, you will find all sorts of cool shops! More importantly, there are all very uniquely decorated! Whether it’s an architectural choice or an amazing painting, they all feature a bit of an unusual look. These shops are a great place to get more Instagram photos in Miami.

Here are some of the best shops to take photos in Wynwood:

  • Maison du Monde at 2450 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127
  • Wynwood Tribe Store at 2301 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127
  • Eight Space at 174 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Restaurants and bars in Wynwood

Wynwood is home to some very cool bars and restaurants. If you are a foodie looking for some Instagrammable restaurants in Miami, you will be in for a treat!

Here are a couple of establishments worth checking out! 

  • The Dirty Rabbit
  • Three & No. 3 Social (their rooftop bar is incredible!)
  • El Patio

Best Photo Spots in Little Havana

Little Havana is the Cuban neighbourhood in Miami. It’s an excellent place to visit especially if you are a foodie! On top of being home to incredible restaurants and ice-cream parlours, Little Havana also offers endless photo opportunities. Here are some of the best ones!

Calle Ocho

calle ocho little havana

Calle 8 is located in the heart of Little Havana and is known as the Cuban version of the walk of fame. As you stroll along Calle Ocho, you will see stars on the ground with the most famous Cuban celebrities!

There are many photo opportunities on Calle Ocho. The stars are a good place to start but if you are looking for an authentic place to take pictures in Little Havana, look for cigar shops. They are incredibly pretty and you can take some amazing shots there!

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles is the oldest Cuban restaurant in Little Havana. It’s the best place to go for a meal! You can either opt for the restaurant and go for a sitdown menu or head to the cafe and get some takeaway snacks. It’s a very cute place and the food is incredible!

If you like taking photos of food, it’s the best place to do so!

Domino Park

The domino park is located in Máximo Gómez Park on SW 15th ave. As you walk along Calle Ocho, you should be able to spot it. This is the perfect place to visit if you love traditional and authentic vibes!

It is an important meeting point for locals who play dominos and chess. Inside the park, you will find loads of tables with domino and chess boards. It’s super cute!

Photography tip: Although I wouldn’t recommend bothering people too much with your photos inside, you can stand in front of the entrance arches and get nice shots there. Just in front of the park, you will find a square with dominos on the ground. It’s colourful and pretty. That’s a good spot as well!

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