16 Best Places to Go Glamping in Florida

Are you heading to the Sunshine state soon and looking for a very unique place to stay in Florida? We’ve got you covered!

Glamping in Florida is the best way to make the best of both worlds. You will get to stay in a natural environment while having all of the comforts (if not more!) that a house provides.

There are many glamping sites in Florida and they all offer a different experience.

In this article, you will discover a selection of glamping sites including yurts, treehouses, houseboats…

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Best Glamping Sites in Florida

Before looking at each property in detail, here is a quick overview of the best glamping sites in Florida.

Best Glamping site in FloridaNamePriceRatingBooking
Best Treehouse in FloridaTreehouse Canopy$$9.8/10Book here
Best Tiny House in FloridaRustic Tiny House in North Fort Myers$$$9.4/10Book here
Best Yurt in FloridaWild Garden Yurt at The Powerland$9.5/10Book here
Best Houseboat in FloridaTiki Houseboat in Key West$$$$9.9/10Book here
Best Wood Cabin in FloridaThree Rivers Private Retreat$$9.6/10Book here
Best Ranch GlampingWestgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo$$$8.2/10Book here


best glamping sites florida


Glamping in South Florida

South Florida is home to some of the most famous places in the sunshine state. It’s also quite an urban place. Miami, Naples, Fort Myers… all of those are big cities. Fortunately, though, you will find some glamping options in the city as well!

Treehouse Canopy Room at Permaculture Farm in Miami

Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos here.

If you are looking to escape the city for a bit, this treehouse in Miami will be perfect for you!

I know what you are thinking and yes, it is possible to go glamping in Miami!

This Permaculture Farm offers an oasis of peace and greenery. They even have animals such as goats, emus…

Pretty amazing, right? It doesn’t stop there! It’s located in Little Haiti, which is one of the most cultural places in Miami.

The treehouse features a double bed (with a net for the bugs). There is a Bahamas style bathroom with an outdoor shower.

It’s the perfect recipe for an amazing glamping experience in Miami!

Your inner child (probably a fan of Jumanji) will re-surfaced during your stay there.

Price range: $$

Rating: 9.8/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Glamour campervan in Miami

If you are looking for another kind of glamping in Miami, you can opt for this super cute campervan.

This stylish airstream is fully equipped and can sleep 4. You will have a kitchen, bathroom, shower… everything you need really!




It’s perfect for the adventure lovers out there that want to get away from the city vibe while still being in the heart of Miami.

It’s only a short walk away from Little Havana, one of Miami’s best neighbourhoods.

The experience is very unique and you don’t get anything quite like it in Miami so that’s a pretty cool thing to do.

PRO TIP: There is amazing food in Little Havana so if you want to give it a try, you should consider going on a food tour!

Price range: $$

Rating: 9.9/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Dolphin Tiny House in Matlacha

Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos here.

Located in Matlacha, Dolphin Tiny House is a little heaven for people looking for a colourful place to stay near beautiful beaches.

This tiny house is fully equipped and features two queen beds, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Not only it’s super cute but it’s also super convenient.

Matlacha is a small fishing town and is perfect for people looking for an off-beat place to stay in Florida.

You can go kayaking from there and go on a day trip to explore Pine Island or Fort Myers.

Price: $$$

Rating: 10/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Rustic Tiny House in North Fort Myers

Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos here.

This house is just so cute and magical. It’s mainly made of wood and features the cutest rustic decor you could think of.

More importantly, it has direct access to the canal and river. This means that you can start kayaking or paddle boarding from there!

This western style is quite unusual for Florida and that’s why it’s so unique.

The environment is also beautiful! Trees everywhere, birds singing… it’s just pure happiness!

It can accommodate up to 4 people. You can also bring your dog too but you have to let them know and the fee is quite high. But technically speaking, it’s possible.

Price: $$$
Rating: 9.4/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Glamping in the Everglades

When travelling in Florida, discovering the national parks is a must-do. If you love outdoors, you will find plenty to do in the Everglades and Big Cypress. When it comes to accommodation, on the other hand, there aren’t too many options. This is why most people choose to stay in Miami or Naples. But luckily for you, there are a couple of glamping options in the Everglades.


Everglades Chickee Cottage & Bungalow

This one is very exciting! Not only is it one of the most unique glamping in Florida, but it’s also one of the rare accommodations in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

In terms of location, Ochopee is one of the best places to stay if you want to explore the Everglades and Big Cypress.

When it comes to the accommodation itself, what could be cuter and more authentic than these gorgeous chickee cottages!

They even offer guided tours which can be a good way to discover the Everglades.

Although these little huts are adorable, it’s important to note that they don’t have running water and AC. You will need to use the campsite’s bathroom. It’s not necessarily a problem but it’s good to know as some of you could be disappointed. Although the hut gives that glamping in the Everglades side, it is still a camping experience!

Pro Tip: There are a lot of bugs in the Everglades. Make sure to take a repellent as it can be very annoying. I would also recommend a mosquito cream for the bites. There aren’t any supermarkets in the Everglades, better being prepared!

Price range: $$$

Rating: 7/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability for Everglades Chickee Cottage & Bungalow.


Flamingo Adventures

If you’d rather staying in the southern part of the Everglades, Flamingo will be the best (and pretty much only) place to stay.

Flamingo Adventures Park offers eco-friendly tent experiences!

Although they are not as cute as the chickee hut, they are more comfortable. They even offer a beautiful sea view!

Once again, the bathroom will be shared.

Visitors usually love eco-tent as they offer a very peaceful and quiet experience in the Everglades.

Pro tip: Again, make sure to take a bug repellant.

Click here to see the latest prices and availability for the Eco-tent at Flamingo Adventures.


Glamping in the Florida Keys

If you want to discover Florida’s most famous natural gem, visiting the Florida Keys is a must-do!

Not only you will discover beautiful state parks and the unique town of key west, but you will also get to do awesome activities such as scuba diving!

If you want to make this adventure even more unique, glamping in the Florida keys will be the best way to do so!


Artsy Houseboat in Key West

Water is all around in the keys. You will find loads of water activities there but if you want to push the experience a bit further, how about staying on a houseboat?




This artsy houseboat is made of eco-friendly material and ideally located in Key West. You can hit Duval Street at any time and come back to your awesome accommodation! It’s also near the mangroves, making it very easy to grab a kayak and go explore the keys!

There is AC and hot shower. Everything is powered by solar panels.

Staying on a houseboat in the Florida Keys is one of the most unique experiences you can have. If you are into kayaking, snorkelling or paddling, then that’s just the perfect stay!

Price: $$$

Rating: 9.6/10

Click here for more information and see the latest prices of the artsy houseboat in Key West.


The Tiki Houseboat in Key West

With the previous house, you got to see how cool a houseboat in Key West can be. Good news for you, there is another one! A bit different though as this one is tiki bar style, making it a tiki houseboat!

The Artsy Houseboat offers a very authentic Floridan experience, this one is more about a holiday experience.


There is everything you will expect (bed, shower… ) but also some very cool features such as a hammock, paddleboarding and snorkelling gear.

It is such a cool place! It’s the perfect place for couples. Watching the sunset and sunrise from the tiki houseboat is a very romantic thing to do!

PRO TIP: As usual, don’t forget your mosquito spray. Bring enough food so you don’t have to go back into town too often. All these water activities will make you hungry!

Price: $$$$

Rating: 9.9/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Luxury Trailer on Big Pine Key

The houseboats are very cool but that’s not the only glamping experience you can have in the Florida Keys.

If you want to stay away from the crowds, Big Pine Key will be perfect for you. It’s the most underrated key but yet has so much to offer!

This trailer features some of the best equipment you can find! And it is absolutely beautiful inside!

It’s 280 ft² and includes two double beds which means that up to 4 people can stay there. Perfect for families.

There is a gorgeous kitchen where you can cook anything you want and a beautiful bathroom.

If you are looking for a luxury camping in Florida, that will be ideal.

You will also get access to the amenities offered by the campsite. This includes a swimming pool!

Price: $$$$

Rating: 9.2/10

Click here for more information and see the latest prices.


Glamping in Central Florida

Whether you want to hit the theme parks or discover the beautiful springs in Central Florida, glamping in Central Florida is a great option. You will find all sorts of accommodation including yurts, cabins, teepees and plenty more!


Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Located only 1 hour away from Orlando and the best theme parks in Florida, Westgate River Ranch is one of the most popular glamping spots in Florida.

They are mainly known for their resort but also offer some amazing glamping options.

You can book a glamping tent or a teepee! Not only you will get to stay in a beautiful teepee but will also get breakfast and your own cart to get around! When it comes to luxury camping in Florida, it rarely gets better than that!

You will even have your own bathroom in the teepee. If you rent a glamping tent, you will have to use the shared bathroom. Don’t let that discourage yourself though, it’s still a great experience and if you want to make it more “camping like”, it might just be the perfect thing for you.

But the great thing about Westgate River Ranch is that they also offer loads of activities! You can go on a riverboat, see a rodeo (it is called ranch at the end of the day!) and plenty more.

Price: $$$

Rating: 8.2

Click here to see the latest prices and availability at Westgate River Ranch Resort.


Wild Garden Yurt at The Powerland

If you want to try glamping in a yurt in Florida, that’s possible!

Located in Christmas FL, less than 30 minutes from Orlando, this Yurt is perfect for travellers looking for a cosy glamping site in Florida.

It’s right in the middle of the country with horses all around! Such a nice relaxing experience!

You will get access to a gazebo with a screen and bar.




The yurt itself is very nicely decorated, boho-style and can easily accommodate up to 5 people.

It’s also a great place for stargazing. Just picture it, having a nice drink between friends or with your loved one around a campfire, looking at the stars in Florida. It can’t get any better than that!

Everything you need will be provided which means you just need to show up and enjoy!

Dogs are also welcomed!

It’s only 20 mins away from the shops which make it very easy and convenient.

Finally, it’s one of the cheapest glamping in Florida so if you are in a budget that’s perfect!

Price: $

Rating: 9.5/10

Click here for more information and see the latest prices.


CareFree Camping at Lake Louisa

If you want to go glamping in Lake Louisa, this will be the perfect place for you. This camping offers a selection of luxury tents for everyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without giving up on comfort.

You will get access to a bell tent with a private pavilion with picnic table and barbecue.



The bathroom is only a short walk away from your tent, making it very easy while keeping your privacy.

It’s a very cosy tent and ideal if you want to discover central Florida a bit more.

You can easily rent a kayak and go adventure yourself on the lakes!

Price: $$

Rating: 9.6/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Vintage Airstream RV in Bradenton

If you’ve always dreamt of driving an American vintage RV, this is one for you!

Alright, you won’t exactly get to drive it, but staying in it is good enough, right?

This beautiful Airbnb glamping site in Florida offers an airstream vintage trailer!



Not only it is absolutely gorgeous inside but you will also have access to many amenities including a pool and hot tub!

It’s beautifully decorated. You will want to take many photos!

Another great thing about it is the location. Situated in Bradenton, you will get access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area!

As a day trip, you should also consider going to St Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater!

Price: $$

Rating: 9.9/10

For more information and see the latest prices, click here.


Glamping in North Florida

The northern part of the state is home to some of the best glamping locations in Florida. Here are some examples of places where you can stay!

Luxury Camping on 30A Grayton Beach State Park

If you are looking for a beautiful place to stay away from the crowds, this would be a perfect choice. Grayton Beach is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets! It’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and will be the perfect place to relax.




This Airbnb Glamping in Florida offers a spacious tent with a comfy bed and everything you might need really.

It’s a good introduction to glamping if you are looking more for an outdoor experience than a luxury one. Of course, it is a luxurious tent but it is also a great way to truly appreciate the beauty of one of Florida’s best state parks!

PRO TIP: If you can, take bikes so you can easily go and explore!

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.


Suwannee River Sanctuary – The Birdhouse

This one is a hybrid between a cabin and a treehouse. You won’t be in the tree but it looks exactly like it.

Located in Old Town, it’s the perfect place to stay at if you want to go to Crystal River or Weeki Wachee.



The birdhouse has 3 beds which makes it perfect for families. There is a balcony facing the river. You can eat your breakfast looking at the beautiful view!

It’s a great place to have a relaxing vacation in Florida. The birds are singing, the nature beautiful… what else can we ask for!

PRO TIP: Keep the door closed and take repellent.

As it’s very close to Crystal River, I’d highly recommend going there between January and march so you can see the manatees. The springs themselves are also beautiful but it’s a very cool and unique thing to see when the manatees are there.

Price: $$

Rating: 9.6/10

Click here for more information and see the latest prices.


Three Rivers Private Retreat

Looking for a private cabin in Florida? This is it!

Located in Bradford, near the beautiful springs of Ichetucknee, Ginnie and Poe, this cabin has a bedroom, a loft, a bathroom and a living room!




If you are travelling with kids, it’s a great place to book. It’s also a nice option for couples as you can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in the woods!

There is Wi-Fi in the cabin.

If you like outdoor activities, you will be spoilt for choice: hiking, biking, swimming, snorkelling… everything you can think of is within 5 minutes!

There is an outdoor shower so you can easily rinse yourself off after going swimming.

PRO TIP: Bring insect repellent, especially if you are going walking. Make you bring good walking shoes and snorkelling gear as well.

Price: $$

Rating: 9.6/10

Click here to see the latest prices and availability. 


Florida is a beautiful US State. There are so many things you can do and choosing the right accommodation is one of the most important things to do.

Glamping in Florida is a great way to experience the beauty of those natural sites while not having to deal with the hassle of camping.

So, have fun in the Sunshine state!


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