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09 November 2019

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St Pete is a very interesting place. Tampa bay area is actually very different of what you expect Florida to be. It’s young, dynamic, arty, lively. There are many things to do in St Petersburg, Florida. Check out our ultimate guide to St Pete, Florida.

1 – Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island


st pete florida honeymoon island beach


These 2 islands are located in Clearwater, about 30mins drive from downtown St Pete. They are state parks. The entrance fee is $8 per vehicle, $4 per single-occupant vehicles. The best thing about these islands is that they offer a variety of things to do and see that will make happy almost everyone. 

You can park in one of the 5 carparks and go explore the nature on the 2.5 miles Osprey walk. You will get to see ospreys and American eagles. If you want to chill for the day, you can take your towel and go on the beach. There is a 2.5 miles long beach that is accessible from the carparks. White sand, trees … it’s the perfect place for a relaxing days. Kids will also love it as they will get the chance to look for the best shells on the sand. The beach is preserved and very unique. 

If you fancy a walk, you can also go to the tip of the beach and come back to your car, it will be a good 5 miles. There is also a big picnic area with tables and amenities, definitely a good spot to get lunch.


2 – Downtown St Pete


St Pete, as most American cities, is very recent and so is the architecture. However, St Pete has a very cool and unique vibe in this city so I would recommend to go and check that out. Just park near central avenue and start walking around, you will find street art everywhere and cool little places to grab food, coffee shops, vintage clothes shops… 


things to do in downtown st Pete


It’s a very nice place to just have a wonder. People in St Pete are very friendly so they will welcome you and talk to you and also give you recommendations if you want some. Grassroots Kava House is a very nice hipster coffee shop where you can grab a Kava or coffee cup.


3 – Florida Holocaust museum


This one is a bit of an odd one. I mean, it seems a bit random isn’t it. But yet that’s a very good museum. The entrance is normally $16 but if you go on remembrance day in January, it’s free. 

There is a lot of reading and not a lot of things to see but I was impressed by the accuracy of the facts. Being a French citizen living in the UK and having travelled to Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland … I think I have a good understanding and knowledge of what happened during WWII so I was extremely curious to see what this museum would be like. Understand the American point of view on these facts. And I must say, they did a very good job at it. Facts are accurate and very well explained. The museum is well set up which makes understanding and reading very easy. I would definitely recommend if you are interested in WWII and history. It is a lot of reading though, so be prepared. You will spend a good 2 or 3 hours in the museum.


4 – St Pete beach & Treasure Island


St Pete is particularly known for its beaches. As a matter of fact, the most beautiful beaches in North America are located very close to St Petersburg, Florida. St Pete Beach is perfect for a beach day. You will find everything you need to relax and have fun. White sand, bars, ice creams… 

Treasure Island is a bit calmer and offers quieter beaches. It’s also the perfect place to go kayaking and see dolphins.


5 – Salvador Dali museum


Home to the largest collection of Dali’s works outside of Europe, the Salvador Dali museum is located in downtown St Pete, on the waterfront.

It’s beautifully done and the pieces are, as you would expect, quirky and amazing.

The entrance costs $25 for adults but you can have it reduced to $12 if you go on Thursdays after 5 pm.


6 – Play shuffleboard


play shuffleboard downtown st Pete



If you are looking for a very Florida experience or more specifically a St Pete experience, shuffleboard is exactly what you need!

Shuffleboard was originally an English game but it turns out to have way more momentum in Florida than anywhere else. It might have to do with the fact that Florida has a fairly old population and it’s a game particularly adapted for elderly people.

That having been said, it is good fun at any age!

You can find a shuffleboard ground in downtown St Pete (559 Mirror Lake Dr N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701). It’s generally only open to members but on Friday evening they open it to the public for free.

It’s also BYOB which means that as well as being a fun evening, it will be cheap.

It’s opened from 7pm to 10pm. You only need to go there, grab a stick and discs and start playing.

If you really like it and would like to go the rest of the week, taking a membership is also a good option as it’s only $35 per year (or $60 for a family).


How do you play Shuffleboard?


It’s very easy and you will get the grip of it quickly. Shuffleboard is played on a narrow court, 2 players on each side. You need to team of 2 players to have the ideal configuration. One player of each team on each side.

The scoring area (see below) is formed by 4 areas with different scores (10, 8, 7 and – 10). The purpose is to push the discs to make them glide onto the scoring area. The first team to get to 71 wins.

When you count the points, you have two options. Either you count the total for each team or if you want to spice it up and make the game longer you can only count the difference in points.


7 – Clearwater

Clearwater beach was rated the best beach in the USA in 2019. It is a large white sanded beach with crystal blue water. However, it can get very crowded so it’s better to avoid it during Spring break.

As a general thing, Clearwater is a nice place to go to have a relaxing day. You can walk along the promenade, get ice cream, relax on the beach and go to a beach party in one of the beach bars.


8 – Fort De Soto


Located in South St Pete, Fort De Soto is a park formed of 5 islands: Madelaine Key, St. Jean Key, St. Christopher Key, Bonne Fortune Key and the main island, Mullet Key. Accessible via a toll road, Fort De Soto is perfect to relax and enjoy nature. It’s very pretty and ideal to discover native wildlife.

St Pete is a very welcoming place, you will have loads of fun there! Check out these 8 things to do in St Petersburg, Florida and let us know what you liked the most!

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