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Jervis Bay is a very popular destination in NSW for families and if you have a dog, you are going to love it! No need to leave your little fur baby at home, there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in Jervis Bay.

As you may know, Jervis Bay is home to two national parks: Jervis Bay National Park and Booderee National Park.

There are many species of animals and plants in the area which means that you can’t go everywhere with your dog. There are some prohibited areas but as a general thing, Jervis Bay is a dog-friendly destination in Australia!

You will find plenty of pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay but in this article, you will discover all the dog-friendly beaches in Jervis Bay.

1. Huskisson Beach

Huskisson Beach

Huskisson Beach is the only dog-friendly beach in Huskisson. You can go with your doggy and enjoy a walk on the white sand.

However, there are restricted times!

Huskisson Beach is a pretty popular place in Jervis Bay so there are specific times for you to go with your dog.

You can go and put your dog off the leash on Huskisson Beach from:

  • 4pm – 8am (1 Oct – 30 April)
  • 3pm – 10am (1 May – 30 Sept)

2. Nelsons Beach

Nelsons Beach in jervis bay

Dogs are prohibited on most beaches in Vincentia. This includes Blenheim and Collingwood Beach.

However, don’t get disheartened as dogs are actually allowed on the most beautiful beach in Vincentia!

Nelsons Beach is a dog-friendly beach with restricted times. Dogs are allowed off leash at the following times:

  • 4pm – 8am (1 Oct – 30 April)
  • 3pm – 10am (1 May – 30 Sept)

The rest of the time, you can visit the beach with your dog but you’ll need to make sure to keep your pet on the leash.

3. Hyams Beach

hyams beach whitest beach australia

Great news! You are allowed to take your dog to Hyams Beach! However, you need to keep him/her on-leash at all times! All the other beaches mentioned in this article allowed off-leash, this one doesn’t!

It can be a bit annoying however, remember that the white sands walk is nearby and that you can leave your dog off the leash on Nelsons and Huskisson Beach.

4. Callala Beach

Callala Beach in Jervis bay

Callala Beach is for the most part dog-friendly. The southern end and middle bit, around Centre Street, don’t allow pets but rather than that you should be able to go with your dog in the evening or morning.

You will find signs that indicate when the parts where dogs are not allowed.

You can go to Callala Beach with your dog at the following times:

  • 4pm – 8am (1 Oct – 30 April)
  • 3pm – 10am (1 May – 30 Sept)

5. Currarong Beach

If you want to explore the area a bit more, you can head to Currarong Beach. You are allowed to take your dog off the leash in the evening and morning:

  • 4pm – 8am (1 Oct – 30 April)
  • 3pm – 10am (1 May – 30 Sept)

6. Culburra Beach

The beach in Culburra is also dog-friendly (with restrictions). It’s a good place to go to if you want to get away from the crowds.

Dog-friendly beaches in Jervis Bay – FAQs

Are dogs allowed in Booderee National Park?

No, they are not. Dogs and other pets can disturb the native wildlife and for this reason, you are not allowed to bring them to Booderee National Park.

If you are planning on going on a day trip to Booderee National Park during your holidays in Jervis Bay, you will need to make sure your dog can stay at the hotel or find a doggy daycare.

There are also other areas in Jervis Bay where you take your dog. You can find everything on the official website of Shoalhaven City council. I highly recommend you consulting it if you have any doubts.

So, are you ready to explore Jervis Bay with your dog? You’re going to love it!

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