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One of the main reasons to go to Jervis Bay is to enjoy the beautiful white sanded beaches and going on the White Sands Walk is the best way to do so!

I’ve shared previously an article with things to do in Jervis Bay. This included a few of the most breath-taking beaches in Jervis Bay and even the whole of Australia!


So, if you want to discover Hyams Beach, Chinamans Beach and Greenfield Beach, the White Sands walk and Scribbly Gum track will be perfect!


It’s a short walk but it’s a goodie! I promise! If you love photography, you will get to take amazing shots as well!

So let’s discover more about the White Sands walk and Scribbly Gum track in Jervis Bay.


NSW jervis bay national park


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Information about the walks


Technically speaking, the Scribbly Gum loop will only take you to Greenfield Beach. But once you get there, you can continue onto the white sands walk. This bushwalk will take you up to Chinamans Beach. You can even push it to Hyams Beach afterwards!

I highly recommend combining the two as they are both quite short. Also, you will discover the true magic of the place by doing both!


Length: 2.5 km loop

Grade: Easy

Time: Between 30min and 1h30.


This walk is pretty easy and short therefore it’s a great thing to do in Jervis Bay with kids.


White Sands walk and Scribbly Gum track Map


Starting point


The White Sands walk start at Greenfield Beach Car Park.

When you get there, make sure you are wearing good hiking shoes and take a bag with a beach towel and bikini. You will also need sunscreen and a hat!


The car park has a picnic area so if you need you can eat a bit there but I would recommend keeping your picnic for the beach! Way nicer scenery.

You will see a sign indicating the start of the Scribbly Gum walk. Head there.


scribbly gum track walk jervis bay

Scribbly Gum Walk


First thing first, I’d recommend going down to the beach. It’s a beautiful place and you will enjoy having a bit of a walk on the sand first.


greenfield beach in jervis bay NSW view


After that, you can hit the trail. Take the coastal side of the loop, you will get the most beautiful views if you take it this way. Through the trees, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Greenfield Beach you discovered earlier.


chinamans beach in jervis bay New south wales


Halfway through the walk, you will get to the beginning of White Sands Walk. At that point, you can choose to stop there, finish your loop and go back to Greenfield Beach but you’d be missing out.


White Sands Walk


Follow the White Sands Walk. You will find on the side beautiful viewpoints. If you walk a bit on the cliff (stay on the safe part though!) you will get beautiful views of Chinamans Beach.


chinamans beach in jervis bay NSW


Keep going until you reach the beach. I loved that beach. The sand is so white and it’s quieter than Hyams Beach. This is a great place to stop for a picnic or a swim.


Hyams Beach


hyams beach whitest beach australia


If you fancy going a bit further, you can head toward Hyams Beach. It’s not a walking trail but it is accessible if you follow the road.

Hyams Beach is the most famous beach in Jervis as it is the whitest beach in the world! We would expect it to be White Heaven Beach right? Well nope! I made this mistake too but it is Hyams Beach!


How to plan your trip to Jervis Bay


If you want more information about the area, I’d recommend reading my Jervis Bay Travel guide but meanwhile, here are some things you should know.


HOW TO GET TO JERVIS BAY: The best way to get to Jervis Bay is by car. It’s the easiest option and will give you more flexibility. You can compare car rental deals on Skyscanner.

Alternatively, there are also shuttles from Sydney.


WHERE TO STAY IN JERVIS BAY: There are many accommodation options in Jervis Bay. You will find all sorts of villas, resorts and campsites.

If you want to see the complete list of accommodation in Jervis Bay, you can click here.


ACTIVITIES IN JERVIS BAY: A lot of people head to Jervis Bay to see whales. There are a lot of cruises available but also snorkelling and diving trips. You can check them out on Viator or Get your Guide.


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