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Travelling to Jervis Bay NSW with your dog or cat and looking for pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you will discover the best places to stay in Jervis Bay with a pet!

Huskisson Beach

In a rush?

The best place to stay in Jervis Bay with a pet is Ocean Breeze in Huskisson.

There is a dog-friendly beach nearby and it’s a beautiful holiday rental with stellar reviews.

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Jervis Bay is the perfect holiday destination for dog lovers. You will find plenty of dog-friendly beaches and a lot of outdoor activities!

The recommendations below are not just pet-friendly but are also very well located so you can make the best of your holidays in Jervis Bay with your dog!

Where to stay in Jervis Bay with a dog

chinamans beach in jervis bay NSW

There are many dog-friendly beaches in New South Wales and Jervis Bay is no exception!

The best dog-friendly beaches in Jervis bay are Huskisson, Nelsons and Callala Beach.

You can also take your dog to Hyams Beach but s/he will have to stay on the leash.

For more information about all dog-friendly beaches in Shoalhaven, you can check the official website.

Ideally, you will want to stay nearby those so you can go for nice walks with your dog.

You can let your dog off the leash in the evening and in the morning.

If you wish to stay close by to one of those, you should book a hotel or holiday home in Huskisson, Vincentia or Callala Beach.

Best Pet-friendly Accommodation in Jervis Bay

NameRatingNearest dog-friendly beachPrice Range
Ocean Breeze8.7 / 10Huskisson Beach$$$
Sea Mist7.4 / 10Huskisson Beach$$
Driftwood Beachfront8.8 / 10Nelsons Beach
Hayes Beach House8.6 / 10Callala Beach
Calming Waters8.6 / 10Callala Beach
A Secret Treasure8.5 / 10Nelsons Beach (off-leash)
Hyams Beach (on-leash)

1. Ocean Breeze (Huskisson)

dog on the beach

Ocean Breeze is a nice 3 bedroom house in Huskisson. Pets are allowed so you can take your 4-legged friend with you!

It offers everything you need and is a great place to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Huskisson.

There are a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine.

You will also have a garden with a barbecue, perfect for a family dinner or with friends!

Finally, it’s also a few minutes walk from the restaurants and of course, the beach!

Price range: Luxury

For more information and see the latest prices, click here.

2. Sea Mist (Huskisson)

Sea Mist is also a very good choice of pet-friendly accommodation in Huskisson. They have several properties including villas and studios. Whether you are a couple or a family, they will have something for you!

They are very pretty holiday houses and allow dogs.

Located in the centre of Huskisson, you can easily reach the beach by foot.

They are fully equipped so you can prepare your meals, enjoy the outdoor and watch TV as you wish! You will also be provided with towels and shower stuff.

The villas and studio have a lot of natural light and this very relaxing beach vibe!

Price range: Mid-range

Click here to see the latest prices and availability. 

3. Driftwood Beachfront (Vincentia)

cute dog on the beach

This one is another good option if you are looking for a house where you can bring your furry friend. It’s a tiny bit further from Nelsons Beach but still easily accessible.

It’s also not far from the restaurants in Vincentia, making it easy to go out to enjoy a meal.

There are 4 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, ideal for families and friends!

You will have access to a beautiful garden with a barbecue. It’s also pretty secluded from neighbours so you can really enjoy a bit of peace!

It is a beach house which means that you only need to step outside to have your feet in the sand.

Price range: Luxury

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.

4. Hayes Beach House (Callala Beach)

golden retreiver on the beach

Your fur baby is going to love this peaceful and beautiful house! Located only a few minutes from the beach, Hayes Beach House offers exceptional features.

There are 3 bedrooms which means that it can host up to 8 people. Perfect for family gatherings or a weekend with friends! You will also have a balcony and a private garden. Your doggy is going to love it! And you too! Imagine all the barbecues you can have!

There is even a hammock so grab a book and just relax!

The kitchen is fully equipped so you can prepare delicious meals.

Price range: Mid-range to Luxury (but it can work out well if you are 6 to 8 people)

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.

5. Calming Waters (Callala Beach)

beach in Jervis Bay

This fully equipped house is another great option when it comes to pet friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay.

There are 5 bedrooms which means that up to 12 people can stay in this house! It would be considered as luxury accommodation when you look at the price per night but if you do fill out the 12 spots, it can actually work out “somewhat” cheap.

It’s a great place to consider if you are going on a family holiday.

There is a swimming pool only a few minutes away and of course, Callala Beach!

Price range: Mid-range to Luxury

Click here to see the latest prices of Calming Waters Holiday House.

6. A Secret Treasure (Hyams Beach)

beach in Jervis Bay NSW

Hyams Beach is not the best beach when it comes to pets as you can’t take your dog off the leash.

That having been said, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and staying nearby is always a good idea!

If you are looking for a beautiful holiday house with ocean views and where you can take your furry friend, a secret treasure will be a good option for you.

This 2 bedroom house is perfect for a family or group of friends up to 5 people. You will enjoy the porch with ocean view. It’s a great place to enjoy a nice breakfast, in the shade.

The house is also fully equipped which means that you will be able to do everything there but you can also easily walk to the cafes nearby.

Price range: Luxury

Click here to see the latest prices and availability.

Map of pet friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay

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