20+ Best Things to do in Jervis Bay

When it comes to white-sanded beaches in Australia, Jervis Bay (NSW) sets the standard! This beautiful seaside destination is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing break!

There are many things to do in Jervis Bay and I will give you plenty of ideas below!

Jervis Bay is home to beautiful beaches, the stunning Booderee National Park and is a paradise for sports lovers! There are many snorkelling and diving spots. It’s also a very popular spot to go whale watching!

In this ultimate Jervis Bay guide, you will also find accommodation and travel tips! Perfect to know what to do in Jervis bay, where to stay and where to eat!

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Things to do in Jervis Bay NSW Australia

Where is Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is located on the southern coast of New South Wales. It’s part of the Shoalhaven region. The nearest town is Nowra.

It’s about 200 km from Sydney and 800 km from Melbourne.

How to get to Jervis Bay?

Despite being located in quite a remote place, Jervis Bay is quite a popular destination. There are many ways to reach it.

The best way to get to Jervis Bay is by car. You will probably want to move around once you get there so having a car will come in very handy.

Sydney to Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is 200 km away from Sydney. It will take you about 3 hours to get there. If you can’t drive, you can take a shuttle from the city or the airport.

Melbourne to Jervis Bay

From Melbourne, it will be a bit of trek but it’s totally feasible! It’s a very popular stop on the Melbourne to Sydney Coastal drive. If you choose to take the shortest route, via Albury, Jervis Bay is about 800 km away from Melbourne. If you don’t stop (which you should!) it will be a 9h trip.

Accommodation in Jervis Bay

chinamans beach in jervis bay NSW white sand walks

Choosing your accommodation in Jervis Bay is one of the best parts of planning your trip! There are many options and for all wallets! As it is a marine park, you will find many campsites but also amazing villas, cottages and resorts! Please note that there aren’t a lot of hotels in Jervis Bay. As a matter of fact, I didn’t include any in the list below as I don’t find them as charming as the houses!

If you want to see the complete list of accommodation in Jervis Bay, you can click here.

Otherwise, you can find below a selection of the top accommodation in Jervis Bay!

Luxury accommodation in Jervis Bay: If you are looking for a beautiful villa with luxury equipment and beautiful environment, the Treehouse Jervis Bay will be ideal. Located in Vicentia, it’s a very good starting point to go and explore the bay. There are 5 beautiful bedrooms and a big living room! You can check out the latest price and availability here.

Another option would be to stay at Paradise by the Bay in Callala Bay.

Mid-range accommodation: When it comes to mid-range accommodation, you will find very nice resorts in Jervis Bay with affordable prices.

Located only a few yards away from Shark Net Beach, The Huskisson offers amazing accommodation for a fair price. Click here for more information and check the latest prices.

If you are willing to go a bit further from Jervis Bay, you can opt for Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola for example. It’s perfect for families and couples looking for comfy place with amazing facilities. Click here to check the latest prices and availability.

Budget accommodation: If you are on a budget, you may want to go camping in Jervis Bay! And you would be right to do so. The surroundings are beautiful and it’s one of the best and safest places to camp in Australia. There are a few caravan parks in Jervis Bay that offer both bungalows and tent pitches.

One of the most recommended camping in Jervis Bay is Jervis Bay Holiday Park. You can check the latest prices and availability just here.

Another option would be to opt for a campsite in Conjola. Click here to see the latest prices for Lake Conjola Waterfront Holiday Park.

Things to do in Jervis Bay

Now that we have the logistic aspects sorted, let’s dive into the cool stuff: what to do in Jervis Bay! Whether you are looking for relaxing or sporty activities, you will find plenty of things to do in Jervis Bay!

Here is a map of Jervis Bay. It will give you an idea of where every place is located.

Jervis Bay marine park Map

Jervis Bay National Parks

Jervis Bay Marine Park is home to two National Parks. They both offer beautiful walks and beaches.

Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is definitely one of the most stunning National Park in Australia. Pretty underrated compared to other places, it yet has so much to offer! It’s home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world!

But that’s not all, it’s also full of history! The Booderee region is very important in aboriginal culture. The park is co-managed by Parks Australia and Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community.

In 1995, was renamed to fit better with the Aboriginal background of this place. In Dhurga language, Booderee means “bay of plenty” or “plenty of fish”.

As a visitor, I highly recommend making the best of that beautiful environment! Go to the beach, snorkel, walk the trails… and if you decide to stay in, you will find some beachside campsites managed by the park.

The entry fee for a car is $13.

Jervis Bay National Park

NSW jervis bay national park

Jervis Bay National Park is located by Huskisson. It’s mainly known for being home to the whitest beaches in the bay! But who says white sand beach, says crowds as well!

Jervis Bay National Park is generally busier than Booderee, so something to bear in mind when you visit. That said, it’s home to the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Jervis Bay Beaches

The best thing about Jervis Bay is its beaches! There are many of them but more importantly, they are beautiful! If you’ve been to Florida or White heaven Beach you may not think it’s possible to see whiter sand. But yet it is! I was truly amazed by the beauty of the beaches in Jervis Bay. Even years later, I still am! I look at my photos, no filter or anything and think “Wow, that’s just pure beauty”!

There are beaches all around the bay but here is a selection of the best beaches in Jervis Bay!

Hyams Beach

hyams beach in jervis bay NSW

Hyams Beach is known as the world’s whitest beach. Definitely something you should see! Of course, as Hyams Beach is very often considered as the best beach in Jervis Bay, it can get pretty busy in high season. Visitors have mixed opinions on this beach but I personally loved it.

The water is crystal clear and the sand so white! It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s incredible how naturally beautiful it can be!

water hyams beach in jervis bay NSW

Hyams Beach is basically the perfect postcard for Jervis Bay.

When you get there, if it’s busy for you, feel free to move to one of the beaches mentioned below but no matter what, you have to check it out!

Cave Beach

Cave Beach is not as white as the others but it is the perfect beach for adventurers! It’s quite big and the perfect place to go camping. The Cave Beach campsite is very popular and run by the Booderee National Park.

If you love nature, seeing kangaroos on the beach and want to go snorkelling, Cave Beach will be your paradise

Murrays Beach

Murrays Beach is very similar to Hyams but a bit further from the nearest towns, making it less crowded. This little gem is perfect for a relaxing day!

Greenfield Beach

greenfield beach in jervis bay NSW view

Located on the loop of the White Sand path, Greenfield Beach is beautiful and less crowded. It’s not quite as white as others but it is a very pleasant beach.

I highly recommend it if you want to enjoy a relaxing day with kids!

Chinamans Beach

chinamans beach in jervis bay NSW

This one is my personal favourite. It’s very white and not crowded. It’s perfect for a walk or just lay down on your towel! I think the reason it’s not as busy as others are because there is a lot of seaweed on the sand. But personally I didn’t think it was an issue.

If you are looking for a calm and beautiful beach away from the crowds, Chinamans Beach will be ideal!

Blenheim Beach

Blenheim Beach is another option if you are looking for something a bit secluded. It’s surrounded by trees and known to be a very good spot for snorkelling!

Nelsons Beach

If you are looking for a beautiful beach in Vincentia, Nelsons Beach will be perfect. This beautiful long beach is easily accessible from most accommodation and restaurants.

It’s also one of the most popular dog-friendly beaches in Jervis Bay.

Iluka Beach

Iluka Beach is located a bit more south, near the village of Jervis Bay. It’s a perfect combination of all of the above! You can enjoy the wildlife, white sand and go snorkelling!

Green Patch Beach

Located in the Booderee National Park, Green Patch is an all-time favourite for families in Jervis Bay! It’s the perfect spot to spend a quiet and fun day. You will also find barbecues, making it easy to get lunch.

Finally, it’s common to see wallabies, echidnas and parrots on the beach. The kids love that!

Best walks in Jervis Bay

Going for a walk is always one of the best ways to explore the national parks in Australia and Jervis Bay is no exception. You will find some beautiful walks in Jervis Bay! Whether you are in an adventurer mood or just want to discover the beaches, there is something for you! It’s also one of the best things to do in Jervis Bay with a dog!

The parks are dog-friendly and I can tell you one thing, your furry friend is going to love it!

White Sands Walk & Scribbly Gum Track

scribbly gum track walk jervis bay

These two easy walks offer some of the most beautiful views in Jervis Bay National Park. They take you down in the forest, along the coastline and are the perfect opportunity to discover stunning beaches such as Greenfield Beach and Chinamans Beach.

If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins jumping!

If you wonder what it looks like, you will be happy to know that most photos in this article were taken on this trail.

  • Length: 2.5 km loop
  • Grade: Easy
  • Time: Between 30min and 1h30.
  • Starting point: Greenfield Picnic Area

Hyams Beach Trail

If you want to discover the birdlife in Jervis Bay, the Hyams Beach Trail will be perfect for you. It was even nicknamed the Bird’s Spotter walk! Although short, it is quite a hard hike though so bear that in mind.

  • Length: 2 km loop
  • Grade: Hard
  • Time: Between 45 min and 1h15.
  • Starting point: Hyams Beach

Munyunga waraga dhugan loop walk

This one is the perfect trail to start discovering Booderee National Park. There are signs along the way that will tell you everything you need to know about the aboriginal culture in Jervis Bay!

Perfect to discover plants, animals and history at the same time!

  • Length: 5.4 km loop
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Time: 2h30

Hare Point Walking Track

Located near Callala Bay, the Hare Point Walking Track is perfect for people who want to get a bit of everything. Forrest, beach, birds… it has it all!

That having been said, it is a hard walk and there aren’t many signs so please be careful!

  • Length: 6 km loop
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Time: 2h30 to 3h

Steamers Beach walk

This two-hour walk is perfect to discover more of Boodemeere National Park. You will start with a walk through the bush, up to Brooks Lookout and down to Steamers Beach.

  • Length: 4.6 km return
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Time: 2 hour
  • Starting point: Steamers Beach Car Park

St George Head Circuit

This one is for serious hikers! It’s an 11 km walk that will take you most of the day. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly hard but it was longer than any other walk in Jervis Bay.

You will discover stunning places such as Kittys Beach, Blacks Harbour, Whiting Beach and Blacks Waterhole.  I would recommend asking for as much information as possible at the visitor centre though.

There aren’t that many signs so you need to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Jervis Bay Tours

If you are looking to discover the amazing marine life in the area, you may want to consider going on a cruise in Jervis Bay. Due to the high concentration of dolphins and whales in the bay, those Jervis Bay tours are particularly popular.

Whale watching Jervis Bay

It would impossible to talk about Jervis Bay attractions without mentioning whale watching. It’s one of the best things to do in Jervis Bay and if you get a chance to go in winter that’s something you can’t miss out on.

In winter, the humpback whales start their migration from South to North. It starts getting cold in the south of Australia so they are seeking warmer waters.

Luckily for us, Jervis Bay is the ideal location to observe this beautiful phenomenon.

There is a variety of whale watching cruise in Jervis Bay. They usually last about 2 hours and are an amazing opportunity to admire the whales, birds and take beautiful photos of the white sanded beaches! If you want more information or book one, you can check the details here.

Dolphin Cruise in Jervis Bay

If you prefer watching dolphins, that’s fine too! There are plenty of them in the area!

You can opt to go on a dolphin cruise in Jervis Bay. You will be on the boat for about 1 hour and a half. The dolphins generally come near the boat, kind of saying hi! It’s very cute.

They are very easy to spot as the waters are so clear!

It’s the perfect Jervis Bay activity with kids (and for adults!)

If you want more information about the dolphin cruise in Jervis Bay, click here.

Restaurants in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is ideally located along the coast. There are many fresh products in the area including fish, vegetables and fruit. If you want to discover the best restaurants in Jervis Bay, here are some examples that could help you choose where to eat.

The Huski Pub at the Huskisson Hotel

The Huski Pub has been around for a long time and known as one of the best restaurants in Jervis Bay. They are open every day of the year and offer a beautiful selection of dishes. Everything is made with fresh and local products and of course, love!

Every day they come with new daily specials, inspired by the season! Perfect to enjoy some amazing food! If you like fish, you will love it even more!

It’s also a nice place to get drinks!

Hyams Beach Café

I know this is not a restaurant, however, that’s one of the best cafes in Jervis Bay. The food is very good but the best thing about this cafe is its location and fish and chips! Located by the beautiful Hyams Beach, you can grab a delicious fish and chips and head to the beach for a picnic!

I promise that will be a lovely lunch! So yeah, it won’t be exactly the best food of your life (although don’t get me wrong, it’s very good!) but it will be one of the best meal of your life!


The Stonegrill is located in Huskisson. It’s well known for its excellent food and meat! They serve the meat and fish on hot stones. Quite different from everything else in the area.

When is the best time to go to Jervis Bay?

The amazing thing about Jervis Bay is that you will find a reason to go pretty much all year round!

If you want to enjoy the beaches, the best time to go is summer (December to February). It’s the perfect time to swim, snorkel, dive and surf!

Spring is also a good time to go if you want to avoid the crowds and still enjoy nice weather. If you want to do the walks rather than spending all your time on the beach, spring will be perfect for you!

Finally, if you want to see the whales, winter will be the best time for you! Humpback whales can only be spotted in winter!

What to pack for Jervis Bay

It’s always a bit hard to give a Jervis Bay packing list as it really depends what you are into and when you are going to go.

However, here is a list of the essential things to take:

If you are going to Jervis Bay in winter, for whale watching, for instance, I’d recommend getting a good wind jacket as well.


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