Accommodation in Jervis Bay: the best places to stay in Jervis Bay

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Are you going down the coast of New South Wales soon and looking for accommodation in Jervis Bay? We’ve got you covered!

Jervis Bay is a marine park home to two stunning national parks and white beaches. It’s a popular holiday destination in Australia and when it comes to accommodation in Jervis Bay, there is plenty to choose from.

In this article, you will discover where to stay in Jervis, what are the best areas but also recommendations by type of accommodation.

That way, you get all the info you need to choose your next Jervis Bay accommodation in peace!

Where to stay in Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is a very safe place. Unlike most cities, there aren’t any places where you shouldn’t stay per se but some locations are more convenient than others. It’s all down to what you want to have access to in terms of beach and facilities.

Huskisson accommodation

huskisson accommodation

Huskisson is the main town in Jervis Bay. It’s full of little cafes and restaurants. It’s very lively which is why a lot of people think it’s the best place to stay in Jervis Bay.

I personally do think it’s a good option if you want to have all facilities nearby. In Huskisson, you can get anything you’d need. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty small but you will have access to all the essentials.

You will also have direct access to the big Huskisson Beach. If you want to go to the more secluded beaches, it will be only a few minutes drive.


  • Everything you need is in Huskisson
  • Excellent location


  • Can get pretty busy in summer as it’s a popular destination

Here are some ideas about accommodation in Huskisson.

Luxury accommodation in Huskisson

If you want something private, the Studio Ocean Breeze @ Huskisson will be ideal. This beautiful house offers a nice patio and garden. It’s cozy and comfy, perfect for couples! It’s within walking distance from Huskisson and you can park your car.

For more information and check the latest prices, click here.

Another option is to book a room at The Huskisson. This hotel and pub has been around for a long time and is one of the best in the area. Whether you choose to stay at the Huskisson or not, you should definitely stop by for a meal. Their restaurant is great!

You can check the latest prices and availability here.

Mid-range accommodation in Huskisson

If there is one place that sets the standard for mid-range accommodation in Huskisson, it’s Jervis Bay Motel. Guests love it and it offers great services for the price. They have a wide range of rooms which means that it can also be considered as budget accommodation sometimes. It’s very comfortable, clean and perfectly located.

Click here to check the latest prices and availability. 

Another option would be Huskisson Holiday Motel Cabins. It’s very similar and offers good facilities, close to the shops and everything you could need. They even have studio-style cabins. There is free parking and barbecues!

Click here for more information and check the latest prices.

Cheap accommodation in Huskisson

Alternatively, a great option would be to go camping in Huskisson! You can get a pitch for your tent or van in Jervis Bay Holiday Park. It’s perfect to enjoy the natural environment while not breaking the bank!

Click here for more information and prices.

As previously mentioned, Jervis Bay Motel offers budget rooms as well so it could be a good place to start.

Hyams Beach accommodation

Hyams Beach is known as the whitest beach in the world! Pretty amazing right? Just look at the photo below, you’ll understand why a lot of people want to stay near Hyams Beach.

hyams beach whitest beach australia

Hyams Beach is perfect for people that want a relaxing weekend near the beach. I would particularly recommend it if you are going to Jervis Bay just before or after the peak season.


  • It’s beautiful, the beach is amazing
  • Very easy and convenient to go to the beach


  • There isn’t much besides Hyams Beach itself

If you are interested in booking accommodation in Hyams Beach, here are some recommendations. Please note that Hyams Beach is a location in demand and there isn’t much offer. This means that most places in Hyams Beach are quite expensive.

Luxury accommodation in Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach – A Secret Treasure is a retro-style beach house perfectly located, only a few minutes away from Hyams Beach. It’s the perfect choice for a family holiday. There are several rooms and a playground next-door!

Check here for more information and pricing.

As I want to give you more choice, here is a second option.

Ideally located in Hyams Beach, 24 Hyam Road Hyams Beach is a beautiful house. It’s perfect if you want to enjoy family holidays. There are 4 rooms and it can accommodate 8 people. It’s only a very short walk to the beach.

For more information and prices, click here. 

Vincentia accommodation

Vincentia is located in between Hyams Beach and Huskisson. This means, that you will get access to facilities and cafes in Vincentia while being able to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches. From Vincentia, you can go on the White Sands Walk and even down to Hyams Beach by foot if you want (it would take about 50 mins).

vincentia places to stay

Personally, I think it’s the best location because you get a bit of everything. Also, the beaches nearby which are Nelsons, Blenheim, Greenfield and Chinamans beach are stunning. They are as nice as Hyams Beach but way less busy. Of course, that doesn’t prevent you to go to Hyams Beach once and a while, but you will also have direct access to other breath-taking beaches.

chinamans beach in jervis bay NSW


  • Ideal location
  • Access to the most beautiful beaches in Jervis Bay
  • Access to facilities


  • You have to drive to go to Hyams Beach (but only 5 to 10 mins!)

Here is a list of the best options in terms of accommodation in Vincentia. If you wish to see all hotels and houses in Vincentia, click here.

Luxury accommodation in Vincentia:

If you are looking for luxury accommodation in Vincentia, the best option would be to rent a holiday house.Treehouse Jervis Bay is a beautiful 5 bedroom villa that offers amazing facilities. It’s also ideally located only a few minutes walk from the stunning beaches!

You can click here if you want more information or check the latest prices.

Mid-range accommodation in Vicentia:

If you are a couple looking for a stylish, cosy and private cottage in Vincentia, this Gorgeous Beachside Cottage Jervis Bay will be perfect!

The location is ideal, only a few minutes walk to the beaches and the walking trails. The cottage itself is super cute and really comfy!

Click here for more information and check the latest prices.

Cheap accommodation in Vicentia:

This studio in Vincentia will be perfect if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. It’s quiet and will give you access to everything you need. Click here for details and prices.

Callala Beach accommodation

Located a bit more North compared to the other locations, Callala Beach offers a very big and long beach! If you are travelling with a dog, this might be the best location for you. The beach and most accommodation in Callala Beach are dog-friendly.

It’s pretty quiet as well so if you are looking for a place away from the crowds, it will be perfect! It’s also ideal if you are travelling with kids. A lot of families near Callala Beach.


  • Quiet and nice
  • Dog and family-friendly


  • It can be a bit too quiet

If you want to check out accommodation in Callala Beach, here are some options:

Luxury accommodation in Callala Beach:

Hayes Beach House is ideal for families who want to stay in a beautiful villa near the beach. Located in a very peaceful place, this house is perfect for a relaxing holiday! It’s also pet-friendly which means that your 4-legged friend can enjoy the beauty of Jervis Bay as well!

You can see more information and prices here.

Mid-range accommodation in Callala Beach:

This super cute Little Blue Beach House is perfect families or friends. It offers great facilities and is very close to the beach! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, ideal to keep everyone entertained!

Prices and information are available here.

Cheap accommodation in Callala Beach:

Callala Beach is a family destination. Most places will have at least 3 bedrooms. This means that budget accommodation in Callala Beach doesn’t really exist. However, you can check on Airbnb or opt for the motel in Huskisson.

Type of accommodation in Jervis Bay

Now that we reviewed the best areas to stay in Jervis Bay, let’s have a look at the type of accommodation. There is a bit of everything in Jervis Bay so no matter what you are looking for, you will find it!

Jervis Bay Holiday Houses

Jervis Bay is a family-friendly holiday destination therefore you will find a lot of holiday houses. Villas, cottages, lodges… everything you can think of!

There are many holiday rentals in Jervis Bay with up to 6 bedrooms and private gardens. They are all located a few minutes walk from the beach.

For more information and prices, head this way.

Hotels in Jervis Bay

Even though most accommodation options in Jervis Bay are houses, you will also find a few hotels. If you are looking for a hotel in Jervis Bay, here is the complete list!

Luxury accommodation in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is an idyllic destination and you will find loads of luxury accommodation including villas, 5 star hotels and plenty more. You can see the full list here.

Camping in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is also the perfect place to go camping. If you love nature, you should definitely consider one of the National Park campsites. If you’d rather a bit more comfort, you will also find a lot of caravan parks! 

Once you’ve chosen your accommodation in Jervis Bay, it’s time to have fun! You will find here the best things to do in the area! I particularly recommend to go on the White sands walk, it’s great!

Pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay

If you’d like to take your dog or cat to Jervis Bay, it is entirely possible! There are plenty of options when it comes to pet-friendly accommodation in Jervis Bay.

If you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to consult our pet-friendly accommodation guide for Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

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