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Italy is my favourite country in the world and although these things are very personal, it is safe to consider Italy as one of the best countries in the world.

Italy has so much to offer. Whether you love food, culture or art, you will find your happy place in Italy!


Discover our top 7 reasons to go to Italy!


reasons to visit italy

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1 – Italian food


reasons to go to Italy



Italy is a paradise for all the foodies out there! Everything is delicious in Italy! Feel free to try everything, you will rarely be disappointed. Each Italian region has some typical dishes so you will eat rather differently depending where you go. As a general thing, Southern Italy is known to have the best food, especially Naples and Sicily.

Naples is the birthplace of pizza, especially pizza margarita that was created as a tribute to the unification of Italy.

Some of the most famous Italian foods include: pizza, pasta bolognese, carbonara, pesto, arancini, foccacia… and many more!

In terms of drinks, Italy is a little heaven too. You will get to enjoy the best coffees, cappucinos, aperol spritz, prosecco…


2 – Italian Culture


Italy is a cradle of culture. It’s been home to so many civilisations and movements. From the Romans times to modern Italy, you will get to discover over 2,000 years of history and culture!

Italy is full of landmarks and historical towns that will amaze all history and culture lovers.

If you wish to discover the roman culture, Pompei and Rome will be perfect. Greek heritage will be particularly present in the South, particularly in Sicily.

Tuscany is home to the best of the Italian Renaissance and Milan to the modern ages of Italy.


3 – Art


Italy is also one of the best places in the world for art lovers. Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and many artistic movement, Italy was home to some of the most well-known artists in the world such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more.

Going to Italy will give you the chance to visit amazing museums including the Vatican museums (home to the Sixtine chapel) and the Uffizi Museum in Florence.


4 – Architecture


coliseum in Rome reasons to go


In terms of Architecture, Italy leads the way! You will find all kind of architectural style from the roman times to the modern age. This includes some beautiful monuments from the antiquity such as the Coliseum and gorgeous renaissance landmarks such as Florence Duomo.

No matter what kind of building you want to look at, you will find it in Italy.


5 – Nature


Italian nature north Italy


When we think of Italy, we generally think of the cultural aspect of the country. Yet, one of the best reasons to go to Italy is for its nature. Italy is full of beautiful places, all very different one from another.
In the north, you will discover the Alps and Dolomites. It’s Italy but with a lot of influence from its neighbouring countries France and Switzerland. A bit down, it’s Tuscany : vineyards everywhere, the countryside at its best. Then you get to central Italy and its typical little village. After that, you discover the south, its chaos and its beautiful beaches. Puglia, Amalfi coast… they are a must-see. And then, you’ve got the islands : Sardegna and Sicily. There, it’s like being in another countries. You get the best beaches in Italy, incredible food and volcanoes.
Italy is home to the most active volcanoes in Europe (Mount Etna and Eolie Islands) but also to the most destructive volcano in Europe, Mount Vesuvius, in Naples.

You will get to enjoy some relaxing days on the beach, hiking on the volcanoes, skiing in the Italian Alps… Everything you can think of in terms of landscape, Italy has it!


6 – Italian people


reasons to go to Italy people


This is probably the best reason to go to Italy! Italians are adorable! They are very friendly and most of all, extremely welcoming.
They are very proud of their country and language and love the fact that amongst all places, you’ve chosen their home for your holidays.
They will be very helpful and try to give you advice and will make sure you are having the best time!
These people can give so much love, it’s unbelievable. They make you feel like home!


7 – Italian language

Italian is a beautiful language. It’s like if Italians were singing all the time. More interestingly, Italy is home to many dialects. Sicilian, Sarde, Napolitan… you will hear all sort of dialects during your trip to Italy. These languages are all very interesting to hear and understand. History has shaped them. In Napolitan, most words were stolen to other languages and pronounced in a southern Italian way.
For example, during WWII, a lot of American soldiers were in Naples and kids used to clean their shoes. They would always say “Shoe Shinning”. These words because a Napolitan word “Ciuciana” and is the name for someone that cleans shoes.

To get back to classic Italian, it’s a such a nice language to hear and you will enjoy just listening to it.
We’d recommend you learning a tiny bit of Italian. Not much but just enough to say basic sentences in the local language.
For instance:
– Thank you = Grazie
– Hello = Buongiorno
– Please = Per favore
– Hi = Ciao

So, did these reasons to go to Italy convinced you to go yet? Let us know what you think!


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