14 Magical Harry Potter things to do at home (activities for adults & kids!)

Calling all Potterheads for this one! If you are a muggle looking for Harry Potter things to do at home, you came to the right place! Whether you are stuck at home or dreaming of visiting the Harry Potter sites around the world, you will find plenty to do here!

In this article, you will discover the best Harry Potter activities to do at home! So are you ready? Jump on your broom and let’s get started!

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Best Harry Potter things to do at home

Harry Potter virtual tour of London

west end London play Harry Potter

As you may know, loads of scenes in the movies were filmed in the British capital city! In this virtual tour, the guide will take you all around the city to discover the best Harry Potter locations in London!

This includes filming locations, trivia, games… perfect for movie fans!

The tour lasts an hour. The guide will start in London West End and go to Charing Cross, Covent Gardens, Kings Cross and many more!

In this super interactive conference call, you will be in competition with the other houses! Super fun!

Speaking of which, if you don’t know which house you belong to, you can take the quiz and get your Wizard Passport on Pottermore.

If you want more information or book your HP virtual tour in London, head this way!

Harry Potter virtual tour of Edinburgh

diagon alley edinburgh harry potter

London might be home to the Harry Potter movies, but Edinburgh is home to the books! J.K Rowling wrote all the Harry Potter books in Edinburgh,  mainly in little cafes. The city was a massive source of inspiration for her.

I got the chance to go on a Harry Potter walking tour in Edinburgh and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you love the books!

But the great news is that now you can also go on a Harry Potter virtual tour of Edinburgh!

They are run by Potter Trail and can be booked here!

Please note that this tour was recommended by Gemma from Everything Edinburgh and she’s got plenty of other virtual tours in Edinburgh here!

Virtual tours of Harry Potter’s filming locations in Oxford

Oxford is one of the most beautiful towns in England and it was only normal that it would be chosen as a filming location for the Harry Potter movies.

There are 3 main Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford:

  • Bodleian Library (The Philosopher’s Stone)
  • New College (The Goblet of Fire)
  • Christ Church (The Philosopher’s Stone & Chamber of Secrets)

These iconic locations can now be visited online. You can go on a free virtual tour of all colleges in Oxford here.

Wizarding World at home by J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling herself launched a Harry Potter at home project! If you go to the Wizarding World website, you will discover many games, trivia, quizzes and most of all: readings!

Famous stars recorded readings of the books! How amazing is that!

Chapter One: The boy who lived is read by Daniel Radcliffe! Bringing the magic of the movies and books together!

Free video tour of the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Orlando

If you want to discover the Wizarding World in Orlando before going there, you can do so! And the best thing is, this is free!

The Potter collector Youtube channel has a playlist of videos with every Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios in Orlando!

Harry Potter online escape room

If you fancy a bit of competition, you can try this Harry Potter escape game! This online game is ideal for Harry Potter fans who want to play online with their friends!

Discover the best Harry Potter locations with Google Earth

Have you ever dreamt of discovering the real-life version of Platform 9 3/4 or Diagon Alley? Thanks to Google Earth it is now possible to do so from home!

If you head here, you will find all the Harry Potter locations in the world!

Jump on the Hogwarts Express with BBC One

real life hogwarts express scotland

As you may know, the Hogwarts Express exists in real life. It’s called the Jacobite train and is located in Scotland. If you want to know more about this beautiful train, you can watch this BBC One video. They will tell you everything you need to know about it and you’ll get to enjoy beautiful views!

Discover the history of Harry Potter with Google Arts and Culture

Harry Potter is way more than just a children book and there are many things to know about it. If you love culture and history, you will want to check out the Harry Potter page on Google Arts and Culture. Made in collaboration with the British Library, this project is the perfect mix between Harry Potter and culture facts!

You will find many articles and videos about HP, magic and art.

Play Harry Potter Dobble card game

If you want to bring a bit of fun in the house, a Harry Potter board game will be perfect! Dobble is a visual perception game card. It requires 2 to 8 players aged 6 and above. It’s perfect for kids but, believe me, it’s also really good fun for adults!

This compact game is also a very good travel companion. More importantly, you can find a Harry Potter version of it here!

Play Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you may want to order the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. It’s very good fun and it will make you scratch your head a couple of times!

This one is for adults. Although it’s not impossible for children to play, it can be a bit hard (then again, they could surprise you!).

Trivial Pursuit needs no introduction. It’s one of the most famous board games in the world! But in a nutshell, here is how it works. You get a wheel with 6 empty spaces. The goal is to collect all the wedges to fill your wheel. In order to do this, you will have to answer questions about Harry Potter.

The questions are about the movies, the books and all things related!

There are 6 categories of questions:

  • Slytherin House
  • Objects and artefacts
  • Animals and magical creatures
  • Wizards and muggles
  • Hogwarts
  • Spells and potions

Click here to see the prices of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.

Harry Potter Pub Quiz

Wizardry Quiz Nights is a London based company that organises awesome virtual pub quiz about Harry Potter. They are super fun especially since people usually dress up and make the whole event very lively.

If your friends are Harry Potter fans as well, you should consider joining one of their virtual quizzes, it’s loads of fun!

Do a Harry Potter movie marathon

There is no better way to immerse yourself into the universe of Harry Potter than by watching all the movies! A Harry Potter Marathon will take you over 20 hours and is always good fun!

Read the books!

Last but not the least, you can also read (or re-read) the Harry Potter books!


I hope this article was helpful and gave you plenty of ideas to (re)discover Harry Potter at home!


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