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Are you looking for an authentic french crepes recipe? I’ve got you covered!


You see as a French person, eating and making crepes has always been something I’d do very often. I always use the same recipe! So do my mum and grandma. So this easy recipe is as French as it can get!


Before you start here is a couple of things you should know about French crepes and this recipe:


–  Crepe batter is meant to be very thin, almost liquid. Although they are the same ingredients than for American pancakes, the consistency should not be the same! You may feel like you are putting too much milk but don’t you worry, it’s normal!


– This recipe is for classic crepes which means that they can, later on, be eaten sweet or savoury. Whichever you prefer!
This recipe will give you between 20 and 30 crepes (20 cm diameter)


french crepes recipe


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Equipment needed to make crepes:


– A big mixing bowl

– A whisk

– A ladle

A crepe pan


It’s recommended to use a crepe pan as it will make the cooking process way easier and quicker. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy one here or use alternatively a normal pan (just make sure you use butter more often).



– 250 g of flour

– ½ tablespoon of salt

– 4 eggs

– 500 ml of milk

– 125g of butter


french crepes preparation




– In the large mixing bowl, mix the flour and salt


Add the eggs one by one while mixing with the whisk. You should get a fairly compact dough at the end


Add the milk slowly slowly. This step is very important. If you add the milk too quickly, you will get a lot of lumps. Make sure the dough is slowly becoming a batter without lumps.


– Melt the butter in the microwave and add it to the batter. Keep mixing a bit


– Leave it to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours (that’s the secret!)


– Use the ladle to pour the batter in the crepe pan. Move your pan so the batter is spread evenly. You generally need about 1 full ladle to make a crepe (again, it depends on the size of your equipment but it should give you an idea)



french crepes batter



– Let it cook for about 2 mins and flip it.


Pro tip: you crepe is ready to flip when the edges start getting brown.

Repeat until there is no batter left

And here you go! The perfect french crepes!



french crepes



Crepes filling ideas


You can eat your crepes sweet or savoury. Here are some filling ideas:


Sweet crepes:






french crepes with nutella


– Sugar and lemon juice (crepes Suzette)


french crepes suzette




french crepes with jam



Savoury crepes:


– Ham and cheese


– Mushrooms, ham and cheese


– Spinach and cheese


french crepes with spinach and cheese


– Ham, cheese and fried egg

french crepes ham and egg


I hope you enjoyed this original french crepes recipe!


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french crepes recipe


french crepes recipe