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01 January 2020

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Best French foods

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France is a paradise for all foodies. No matter what, you will always find delicious food to eat! 

France can be proud of its well-deserved reputation when it comes to cuisine. The French know how to cook and make yummy dishes better than anyone. 

Here is a complete foodie’s guide to France. You will get to discover the best French foods!


foodie guide france


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1 – Duck Confit


confit duck


The French love duck! Especially in South West France. They cook it in many ways but the favourite is the duck confit (“Confit de canard”). The pieces of duck are kept in a jar, in its own grease and then cooked in the oven. The grease makes the meat extremely soft and tasty. It will literally melt on your tongue. An absolute delight to eat with salad or fries!

2 – Escargot


escargots france


Yes, the French do eat snails! But so does their Spanish and North African neighbours. Yet the French make them in a very unique way, which is why it is so good!

After being cleaned and prepared, the snail is placed back in its shell with a garlic and parsley butter. A few minutes in the oven and it’s all it takes to be ready. 

The butter stuffing is delicious which makes this little dish absolutely delicious.

That having been said, don’t think the French eat snails every day! It’s a dish kept for special occasions such as family dinners or Christmas.


3 – Cheese


french cheese


Who says France says cheese (and wine, but we will get to that later!). The French love their cheese and eat them at every meal between the main and dessert. Each region of France has its own typical cheeses. Generally, this comes from local productions. For example, in the Pyrenees, you will find a lot of Ewe milk cheese and in Auvergne, a lot of cow milk cheese.

But they don’t only eat them in their natural shape, you can find plenty of dishes based on cheese.


4 – Fondue


French food fondue



The Fondue is a swiss and French dish. The cheese used to make fondue is only produced in the Alps, hence the two countries sharing the origin of the dish. 

That having been said, it is important to note that you will find two kinds of Fondue. The Swiss fondue is made of melted cheese where you dip pieces of bread. The Bourguignon fondue is boiling oil where you dip pieces of beef.

They are both delicious! Not too good if you are on a diet though.

It’s a very sociable meal as you all share the same pot!


5 – Raclette


raclette french food


A bit like the Fondue, the Raclette is both French and swiss. The Raclette cheese is only made in the Alps. 

The principle is simple. The cheese is placed in the middle of the table, on or in a machine that melts it. Meanwhile, you put diverse things on your plate such as salami, ham, saucisson, boiled potatoes, beef, mushrooms… and once your piece of cheese has melted, you tip it over your food.

A bit like the fondue, it’s a very sociable meal and the French’s favourite Dinner party in winter.


6 – Cassoulet


cassoulet french

The Cassoulet is a South West of France speciality made with meat (Toulouse sausage or duck) and beans, slow-cooked as a casserole. 

This delicious dish is the soul of the South West cuisine and is a must-try if you go to Toulouse or Carcassonne.


7 – Truffade


truffade french food


The Truffade is a typical dish made in Auvergne with cheese (young Cantal) and potatoes. 

You will generally find it with either sausages or ham.


8 – Aligot


aligot french food


Aligot originates from a neighbour region, the Aveyron. It uses the same ingredients as the Truffade but not cooked the same way. In this case, it’s made with mash potatoes.

You will generally find it with sausage.


9 – Frog Legs


frog legs french food


Yes, this is not a myth either. The French do eat frogs. There are different ways to cook them and it would be hard to describe the main way. It’s not common to find them in restaurants but is not impossible.


10 – Quiche


quiche french food


Quiches are a very common starter for a French meal. The traditional quiche, the quiche Lorraine, is made with lardons and cheese but each family has its own little variations of it. Here are some of the most common: salmon quiche, onion quiche, leek quiche…


11 – Beef Bourguignon


boeur bourguignon france


This beef stew is cooked in red wine and is one of France’s favourite dish. It’s slowly cooked for 4 hours and is generally eaten with either pasta or potatoes.


12 – Blanquette de veau


blanquette de veau


A bit like the beef bourguignon, the Blanquette de veau is a stew made with white wine and veal. This absolutely delicious French dish is a must try during any trip to France!

We hope you enjoy these 12 French foods and will eat the best things in France!


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