Best Australian Made Hats and brands

Are you looking for amazing Australian made hats? We’ve got you covered!

Whether it’s for yourself or for a gift, finding hats made in Australia is not as easy as it seems!

Even if you go to specialised markets in Melbourne or country markets like the one Eumundi, near Noosa, it’s not guaranteed you will find proper Australian made hats!

Of course, you will find a lot of Australian hats. Various styles are available although the most popular one is the Barmah hat.

In this article, we’ve selected amazing Australian hat manufacturers and review the best Australian made hats for women and men!

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Best Australian made hats and brands

Authentic Australian hat brands

Firstly let’s talk Australian hat brands! There are quite a few Australian hat companies however, it doesn’t always mean that they manufacture the hats in Australia!

There are 2 popular styles of Australian hats:

  • Leather hats: they are made of leather and often referred to as Australian Outback hats.
  • Kangaroo hats: these Australian Outback hats are made of Kangaroo leather.
  • Wool hats: they have a similar shape to the Aussie leather hats but are made of wool.

Here is a selection of the most amazing hat makers in Australia!


Jacaru is the most famous brand of Australian hats. The company is based in Burleigh Heads, QLD.

They design and make all of their hats in Australia!

Their most famous models are the Australian leather hats but they also offer a selection of wool hats and summer hats.

Their collections are for men, women and kids!

Jacaru hats are all very well designed and the quality is outstanding. If you are looking for a long-lasting Aussie hat, they will be perfect for you.

Their hats are handcrafted on the Gold Coast. This is something the brand is very proud of!

Click here to see all Jacaru hats.


Akubra is one of the oldest brands of hats in Australia! It was founded in the early 1900’s in the Surry Hills, near Sydney.

Since then, the company grew exponentially. They acquired premises in Melbourne and more but still now, the hats are made in NSW!

If you are looking for an original Australian Hat, Akubra is a great option!

The hat-making process at Akubra is pretty impressive. Everything is done in the Australian factory and the details are extraordinary.

Click here to see all Akubra hats.

BC Hats (Bac Pac)

BC hats is a way smaller company. This family-owned business started in 1969 in NSW.

The quality of their hats is outstanding. The materials used are very good and the solar protection amazing.

If you are looking for a great cowboy hat to protect you from the sun and made by a small family business, BC hats are for you!

Click here to see all BC hats.

Kakadu Traders

Kakadu Traders is a company based in Belmore NSW. They offer a wide range of Australian made products including hats!

The company was founded by Richard Catherine Whillas (and their 14 children!) who developed their own oilskin cloth.

This material is incredibly resistant, perfect for the harsh natural conditions there are in the Australian Outback.

Click here to see all Kakadu Traders hats.

Australian made hats reviews

Here are some of the best Australian made hats you can buy online!

Best Australian Made Outback Hats

These are typical Australian leather hats. They are great for everyone living or visiting the Outback but also in any kind of sunny places! They are great quality, super resistant and offer amazing sun protection!

Kakadu Traders Australian Made Bulldog Leather Hat

This hat is made of buffalo leather. It features a beautiful handmade strand. It’s SPF 50, making it ideal for Outback conditions.
This model works for both men and women.

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Kakadu Australia The Roo Traveller Leather Hat

When it comes to Aussie leather hat, this is pretty much as authentic as it can get!

This hat is made of waxed Kangaroo leather. It’s a pretty soft leather compared to the previous one (buffalo) and offers great sun protection.

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Jacaru Roo Nomad Kangaroo Leather Hat

This is another Kangaroo leather hat. This time from Jacaru. The great thing about Kangaroo leather is that it offers amazing sun protection for the weight. This one is also crushable which makes it great for travelling, and water-resistant.

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Jacaru Boundary Rider Anzac Style Cow Leather Hat

This one is made of cow leather which is a bit heavier and thicker. There are also 2 snaps on the side so you can clip the sides up! Unlike the others, this one is black!

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Best Australian Made Wool Hats

If you live in Tasmania, Victoria or ACT, you may want to consider an Australian wool hat. They are great during wintertime and will keep you super warm!

Akubra Cattleman Hat

This is actually a fur felt hat but because it had to go into a category, here we are!

This beautiful hat is perfect for ladies and men! It has an ornamental band made of leather as well as a sweatband.

It’s also SPF50, perfect for sunny winters!

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Jacaru Australian Wool Fedora Hat Outback

This Jacaru hat is 100% Wool. There is also a small leather braid going around, giving it this beautiful look!

It’s also a crushable hat which makes it perfect for travelling! You can pack it in your pack and it will always look good!

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Akubra Snowy River Australian Hat

This one is a typical wool Australian hat. It has this country/outback style. It’s good for both, cold and sunny weather! There is an SFP protection of 50 and is a fur felt hat.

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Guide to buying the best Australian made hat (Tips and Tricks)

Before buying an Australian made hat, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

Here are a few things to look for.

Is the hat made in Australia?

This may sound silly when we know that we are only talking about Australian made hats here but believe me, it’s not.

A lot of brands advertise their hats as “Australian hats”. This doesn’t mean that they are made in Australia. Sometimes they are not even designed in Australia!

It only means that they use an Australian style. Before buying your hat, make sure that it does specify “Australian made”. Sometimes they will even add the label.

That having been said, if you choose a hat recommended in this article, it will be fine as they are indeed made in Australia.


There are 2 popular styles of Australian hats: outback and wool.

If you are looking for a winter hat, a wool hat (preferably with merino wool) will be perfect. If you live in Melbourne or Tasmania, that’s the sort of hat you should prioritise.

The Outback hats on the other hand are known as Australian bush hats. They are made of leather and offer great sun protection (usually SFP 50+). They are ideal if you are visiting the Australian Outback or heading to Queensland.


When buying an Aussie hat, make sure you get the right size. These hats are amazing but if you get the wrong size, they won’t be nice to wear.

In order to know which size to take, measure your head with a tape measure and refer to the hat size chart.


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