Best Treehouses in the Blue Mountains

Sydney blue mountains national park

Looking for an amazing treehouse in the Blue Mountains? You’ve come to the right place!


The Blue Mountains are one of the most beautiful national parks in Australia.


Ideally located less than 2 hours from Sydney, they are also a popular destination for weekend getaways!


If you are looking for a unique place to stay in NSW, opting for treehouse accommodation in the Blue Mountains is a perfect choice!


The landscapes are truly stunning and all these Blue Mountains treehouses boast fantastic views!


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best treehouse in blue mountains NSW


Our top pick: Treehouse Blue Mountains, Bilpin


This fantastic secluded accommodation in NSW is definitely the best treehouse in the Blue Mountains.


Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos here.


It boasts some of the most beautiful views in the state! This treehouse is located in Bilpin which lies between the Blue Mountains national park and the Bowen’s Creek Gorge.


Ideally, you will need a car to get there and explore the Blue Mountains. It takes about 1 hour to get to Katoomba and Wentworth.


But now, let’s talk about the property itself. If there is one thing we can all say about this treetop accommodation in the Blue Mountains, it’s that it has the Wow factor! Everything was thoroughly thought through and built to impress the guests.


The path to the treehouse is very unique. It’s a bit of boardwalk with a wooden bridge and stairs up to the house.


There is only 1 bedroom so it’s not for families but if you are a couple looking for a romantic treehouse, it will be a dream come true!


Inside, you will find the main bedroom with a queen bed, a fireplace and a hot tub! Yep, that’s right! You can look at the breath-taking views from the jacuzzi and the bed!


Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos here.


In the living room, there are fluffy cushions and blankies on the sofa. All of that makes the place even cosier!


The guests all left amazing reviews on the Airbnb listing. They loved both the treehouse and how friendly and helpful the host is!


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Other Blue Mountains treehouse stays


Admittedly, it can’t really get much than the one previously mentioned however, the first listing is a luxurious treehouse and is not too convenient if you are travelling by train.


Thankfully, there are other treehouses in the Blue Mountains that will be suitable for people with a smaller budget and closer to the train stations.


Treehouse in the Blue Mountains, Blackheath


Located in Blackheath, this Blue mountains treehouse is much closer to Katoomba and the 3 sisters lookout. It’s only an 11-minute drive!


Photo Credit: Airbnb. See more photos here.


After an adventurous day in the national park, you will love coming back to this cosy place!


There is 1 bedroom, perfect for a couple looking for a romantic weekend away. Guests particularly like the location and the fact that it is a secluded Airbnb in the Blue Mountains. It’s only you and the beautiful rainforest!


If you are visiting in winter, it can get very cold in the area however the heating is very good so it will be very warm inside!


There is a short bush walk to get to the treehouse, adding to the full nature experience.


The deck is a very nice feature. There are a table and chairs. In summer, you will love eating brekkie there!


Now let’s talk about the interior! This is pretty much as cosy as it gets. It almost looks like a chalet you would find in the french alps! Everything is made of wood and there is a ladder to go up to the mezzanine. The bed is in front of the big window. Waking up and seeing these stunning views truly is magical!


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Traveller’s Treehouse, Katoomba


In terms of location, this treehouse takes the cake. It is in Katoomba, between the station and scenic world. This means that you will be staying only a few minutes away from the restaurants and shops but yet it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere!


It’s a great pick for people who want to be in a treehouse without being too secluded.


Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos. 


It’s also worth noting that there are 2 bedrooms which makes it a good place for 2 couples, a small family or a group of friends.


The bathroom is very spacious and there is a huge bathtub! The kitchen is also fully equipped so you can cook all your meals there. In summer, you should take full advantage of the deck for your lunches and dinners.


In autumn, you will also enjoy the foliage and how pretty the trees become!


It’s also one of the only dog-friendly treehouse in the Blue Mountains. Speaking of which, please note that dogs are not allowed in the National Park (or any other National park in Australia for that matter). You can, on the other hand, walk your dog in Katoomba as the town is not technically part of the national park. The host only accepts dogs that don’t shed though.


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The Hill Station at Mt. Tomah


I’ll admit that this one is not technically a treehouse. It’s a cabin in the Blue Mountains but it really has this “treehouse” feel and is in the middle of the woods so I thought it was worth mentioning.


Located near Mt. Tomah Botanic Gardens, the cabin is accessible via a boardwalk in the forest. It’s very pretty!


Photo credit: Airbnb. See more photos.


It is near the main road which makes it pretty accessible however the boardwalk is a bit steep so it’s something to take into consideration. I would recommend it more for a young couple. Once you are in the cabin though, it feels very private!


Mount Tomah is in the northern part of the Blue Mountains. Although it is a popular spot amongst locals, it’s nowhere as busy as Katoomba which is why it’s a good place for people who want to get away from the crowds.


It really has this modern and cosy rustic feel with the fireplace in the room and the pile of wood outside.


It’s a studio which means that everything is in the same room. It’s very cosy and warm. Perfect for a romantic couple getaway!


The guests all pointed out in the Airbnb reviews how thoughtful the hosts are (the games are particularly liked!)


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Why staying in a treehouse in the Blue Mountains?


The Blue Mountains are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Australia.


They were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000. There is so much to say about the Blue Mountains and no matter, they must be on your Australia bucket list!


The landscapes are absolutely gorgeous! There are loads of lookouts from where you can admire stunning views. The most famous one is Echo Point (3 sisters lookout).


Sydney blue mountains national park


Little fun fact about the Blue Mountains. The mountains are covered with gumtrees which, from a distance, create a bit of blue fog. This is why they are called Blue Mountains.


If you are also interested in learning more about the aboriginal history of Australia, you will be in for a treat!


It’s only a 2-hour journey from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. You can go there by car or by train from Central station. You can even use your opal card to go to Katoomba.


Staying in a Blue Mountains treehouse is one of the most unique experiences you can have! Not only the treehouses are amazingly pretty and cosy but the views are amongst the best in the country!


If you are looking for a romantic getaway in the Blue Mountains, booking a stay in one of these luxury treehouses will be ideal!


So, are you ready to book one of these awesome treehouses in the Blue Mountains? It will be an experience of a lifetime!

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