Are you heading to Wyoming soon and visiting Grand Teton National Park? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Grand Teton is one of the most beautiful places in Wyoming and definitely a must visit in the US. It’s a stunning national park in its own right but it’s also the perfect addition to any Yellowstone trip.

I absolutely love both Grand Teton and Yellowstone and there are quite a few things to know about the parks before visiting.

In this article, you’ll find all my best tips to visit Grand Teton and make the best of your time there.

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1. Use the Guide Along App

If there is one thing I can’t recommend enough for visiting Grand Teton (or any other national parks in the US or the Canadian Rockies), it’s to get the Guide Along app.

It’s an app that you can download on your phone and provides an audio guided tour of the park through the speaker of your car or phone.

Basically the way it works is, it looks at your localisation and as you drive past certain points, it will give you a commentary.

The guide (who I named Daniel – although I don’t know his real name) is incredibly good. Not only will he tell you loads of interesting facts about Grand Teton National Park but he will also give you tips for visiting and tell you where to stop or where to look.

It costs under $15 and you get lifetime access and I can tell you, that’s the best thing you can buy! 

2. Get there early (especially at Jenny Lake)

This is a tip I could give for any national park but it’s still even more relevant for Grand Teton. 

The park is not that big, especially compared to Yellowstone, so it can get quite busy. The earlier you go, the less busy it will be and the more enjoyable for you.

Also, the weather changes very quickly in the Tetons and the weather tends to be a lot better in the morning.

If you are planning on visiting Jenny Lake (which you should!), the parking lot gets very busy and you sometimes have to park on the side of the road. If you get there before 10AM, it will be a lot easier for you to find a spot.

3. Carry bear spray

You are in bear country in the Tetons and while it’s unlikely you would actually need to use bear spray, it is always possible to find a bear while walking.

For safety reasons, I highly recommend carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it.

If you have a doubt, you can always ask the park rangers, they will be more than happy to explain everything you need to know.

If you stick to the very popular spots, it’s less of an issue if you don’t have bear spray as other people will but the peace of mind you’ll get by having your own is something you shouldn’t underestimate.

If you are planning on going hiking on trails that are less popular, you simply must have one.

4. Stay hydrated

You may not realise that if you got to Wyoming by plane, but the Tetons are actually at a high elevation.

Jenny Lake for example (which is a spot you are likely to visit) is at 6,783 ft (2,067 m) of altitude.

While it’s unlikely you would actually get altitude sickness (this is not Peru afterall), you can still see the effect of the altitude and will get dehydrated a lot quicker than you realise.

This can cause headaches or other things.

Make sure to take loads of water with you. The park rangers also recommended me to drink Gatorade as well which I found particularly useful, especially on hikes.

5. Join the Ranger-led activities

Like in every national park in the US, you’ll find ranger-led activities in Grand Teton national park. 

These are FREE and incredibly interesting. You can find the list and program in the newspaper they give you at the entrance as well as in the visitor centers.

There are usually a few per day and they take place at different locations in the park. These include wildlife presentations but also guided hikes.

I particularly recommend the guided hikes because you get to see amazing views and learn plenty about the wildlife and plants.

6. Wear layers

As previously mentioned, the weather can change very quickly in the Tetons. You can literally have the 4 seasons in one day so it’s important to wear layers so you can put them on or take them off accordingly.

Of course, you can keep most things in the car but if you go on a hike, it’s important you take some layers with you since it can literally change within minutes.

Last time I visited, we started the day with leggings and jumpers, switched to shorts and tshirt around midday and then had to switch back to trousers and a rain jacket in the afternoon.

7. Wear good walking shoes

Technically, you don’t have to walk much around Grand Teton national park if you don’t want to but with so many hiking opportunities, it would be a shame to not do at least one proper walk.

The most popular one is hidden falls and inspiration point. You can walk there from Jenny Lake visitor center (around the lake) or take the boat and then walk up.

Whichever way you choose, make sure to wear good walking shoes since the path is rocky.

8. Drive the loop counter clockwise

This is the most scenic way to drive through Grand Teton national park. As you might have seen already, there is a main loop with one side going through Jackson Hole valley and the other going closer to the Tetons, via Jenny Lake.

Whether you are entering the park through the south or north entrance, you should always drive that loop counter clockwise. 

The reason for that is that the part on the west with Jenny Lake is a lot closer to the Tetons and if you are driving from north to south, you get the amazing views. It’s sensational.

If you are driving it in the other direction, the Tetons will be behind you so you’re missing out.

Ultimately, this is up to you, there is no other advantage to driving this road in this way apart from the amazing views but since it doesn’t make it any longer or less convenient, try to do it this way.

9. Keep an eye out for wildlife and keep your distance

Wildlife is everywhere in Grand Teton and that’s something you should keep an eye out for.

Firstly, you obviously want to see all the animals. Moose, bears, elks, beavers… there is everything here!

Secondly, it’s important to be careful since animals can be on the road.

Finally, make sure to keep your distance! Animals are unpredictable and they can attack you. I know that seeing a bear is a wonderful experience and they look cute and you want to get good photos but remember, they are wild animals!

You must stay 100 yards from bears and wolves and 25 yards away from any other animals.

Also, it’s important to never feed any of the animals. Keep these wild animals wild!

10. Visit Yellowstone

Grand Teton and Yellowstone are just next to each other and it’s very easy to drive from one to another.

It would be a shame to come all the way to Wyoming and not visit Yellowstone so make sure to keep a couple of free days to go visit the world’s first national park.

If you do both, you may also want to consider getting a National Park annual pass since it’s only $10 more than the entrance fee for both parks and it will give you access to all national parks in the US for a year.

11. Stay in Teton Village or Jackson (or in the park if you are camping)

There isn’t much accommodation in Grand Teton so the few available tend to be very expensive, especially for what you get.

The best places to get ‘cheaper’ accommodation are Teton Village and Jackson. They are both very close to the park and you can easily drive in in the morning.

If you have a camper, then the best place is obviously one of the campgrounds in the park but make sure to book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

12. Pack your lunch

There are a couple of places where you can get food in the park (like Jenny Lake or Colter Bay) but if you can, I highly recommend packing a picnic for lunch.

Firstly, it will save you a lot of money and time.

Secondly, with so many scenic viewpoints, having a picnic in the Teton is an experience in itself!

I hope this article has helped you plan your trip to Grand Teton National Park. Have fun!

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