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Are you heading to Holbox soon and want to experience the best cocktails? Then this article is for you!

It’s true that most people think that the national alcoholic drink of Mexico is Tequila but in reality, it’s mezcal.

Tequila is actually a version of the original drink which is Mezcal. It was created by the Spanish and uses the same ingredients as Mezcal but with less steps.

This means that basically Mezcal is a much better version of Tequila. So, if you want to experience it, which you should, you can drink it straight but also in a cocktail called Mezcalita.

A Mezcalita is made of mezcal, fruit juice and lemon. Usually the fruit juice used is orange juice but there are also other versions.

And since Holbox is such a great destination for nightlife and cocktails, it’s not surprising that you can find some of the best mezcalitas in Mexico.

You can find below my top 3 mezcalitas in Holbox, what they are and where to find them.

1. Hibiscus Flower Mezcalita at Tuch Holbox

hisbiscus flower mezcalita in holbox
tuch in holbox

Tuch Holbox is a bar and restaurant located near the letters Holbox on the beach. It’s a very good location and easy to get to.

They have amazing cocktails and even offer a happy hour during the day so you can get two mezcalitas for the price of one.

My favourite one was the hibiscus flower one. The hibiscus flower is also used to make agua de Jamaica which is a popular soft drink in Mexico.

This one is very refreshing and a bit sweet, it’s lovely.

They also have a passionfruit mezcalita that is excellent.

Finally, it was my favourite place for tacos on Holbox so if you are a bit hungry, give them a go!

2. Smokey Margarita at Barba HBX

smoky mezcalita in holbox
smokey mezcalita in holbox

Barba HBX is also an excellent spot for food and drinks and it’s a very Instagrammable spot on Holbox.

They have a smokey margarita on the menu which despite the name is made with mezcal and not tequila, which means that it is a mezcalita.

It uses orange and is delicious!

3. Classic Mezcalita at Big Fish

classic mezcalita in holbox
mezcalita in holbox

Big Fish is a popular spot for seafood and tacos but they also serve the best classic mezcalita! 

If you don’t want to have a specific flavour or smokey taste and just want to try the classic version of the cocktail, it’s a great place to do so!

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