Foods and drinks in Marrakech

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Morocco is a paradise for foodies! If you are going to Marrakech soon, you will love the food and drinks!

Firstly, it’s absolutely delicious. 

Secondly, it’s cheap!


tagine pastilla and tanja in marrakech



So yeah, if you love discovering new foods when you travel, you will be amazed by the food and drinks in Marrakech.


Here is a selection of the best things to eat and drink in Marrakech.


1 – Tajines


The Tajine is a typical Magrebi dish. Made from meat, it is cooked in a cone-shaped ceramic or clay dish.


Please note a tajine only includes the meat and sauce. You won’t get veggies or semolina. However you will be given bread.


Here are some of the best tajines I got to eat in Marrakech:


  • Chicken and figs


chicken figs tagine in marrakech


  • Chicken and lemon



chicken lemon tajine marrakech


  • Chicken and almond


marrakech tagine chicken almond


  • Chicken and olives


marrakech tagine chicken olives


Although I thought the chicken tajines were the best, you can also find some delicious tajines with beef and lamb.


2 – Couscous


The couscous is cooked in the same dish as the tajine but also includes vegetables and semolina.

It is a bit more filling but also delicious.


You can choose to have only one kind of meat or all of them (Royal Couscous)


3 – Tanja


This dish is typically from Marrakech. It’s made from beef (and sometimes lamb) with sauce, cooked in a jar.


You will only find this dish in Marrakech and it is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. 

One of the best things I got to eat in my life.


The sauce is so good and the meet almost melts on your tongue.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


typical food Marrakech Tanja

4 – Pastillas


Pastillas are a mixed of chicken and curry wrapped in brick sheets, topped up with some icing sugar.

It is a bit of an odd mix as it’s savoury and sweet at the same time.


Very unique though and definitely something to try if you want to experience the morrocan culture. 

This dish is usually cooked for weddings in Morocco.


5 – Moroccan sweets


Moroccans love sweet stuff and they make amazing cakes. They are quite small and mainly made with almond and dried fruit.

Some of the most famous one are the “Gazelle Horn” (Corne de Gazelle).

They generally cost about 80DH per kilo. 

They are delicious. Very filling though. You probably won’t go for a second or third round.

It’s a great thing to bring back home though as you can keep them for a month.


6 – Mint tea


This is Morocco’s national drink. No matter where you go, you will see everybody drinking mint tea all day long.

In Morocco, you drink Mint tea with sugar. It’s very sweet. If you are being asked, it’s better to take it with sugar as you may offend them a tiny bit if you don’t.


I must say, although it is very sweet, it is absolutely delicious! They really know how to make mint tea better than anyone else.


7 – Mulled Ginger


If you go to Jemaa El Fna square in the evening, you will find on the side of the restaurants many little stands selling what is kind of a moroccan equivalent of mulled wine or cider but made with a mix of spices including ginger and cloves. It costs 3DH and is very very good. It will definitely warm you up!


There are many more things to eat and drink in Marrakech, but this is a good start! Have fun in Marrakech guys!

And if you think I should add other dishes to this list, please leave a comment! I’d love to add some new ones!


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