Can you drink alcohol in Marrakech? Everything you need to know

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Planning a trip to Morocco and wondering if you can drink alcohol in Marrakech? Here is everything you need to know!

Due to the culture and religion, alcohol in Morocco is not as common as it is in Europe or the USA. This means it’s not as easy to find it however, to the question ‘can you drink alcohol in Marrakech’, the short answer is yes.

It is possible to find alcohol in Marrakech and to consume it however, it’s not everywhere and there is a certain etiquette to respect.

In this article we will explain everything about alcohol in Marrakech, where to find it, how much it costs and more.

BEFORE YOU READ: Please note that I am not a lawyer or anything of the kind. I wrote this article after travelling to Morocco several times as an individual and travel coordinator.

I also did a lot of research including reading the penal code of Morocco (which is in French so that was convenient for me as a French person). As you know, things can change quickly and I always recommend asking locals and doing your own research as well.

Is it illegal to drink alcohol in Marrakech?

It is not illegal to drink alcohol in Marrakech if you are not a Moroccan citizen. The current law only forbids the sale of alcohol to Muslim Moroccan citizen.

If that’s not your case then it’s not illegal for you to drink alcohol as long as you do it in places where you are allowed to do so.

While you can drink alcohol, it has to be in designated and not visible places which basically means inside a bar or restaurant. You can not drink in the street, on a terrace or in any public place.

Do people in Marrakech drink alcohol?

Most people in Morocco are Muslims and do not consume alcohol however, of course all Moroccan citizens aren’t Muslims so there are exceptions and you may come across people drinking wine or beer.

This is very unusual in the Medina though. As I said, most locals do not drink but the ones who do occasionally, do it in other areas of Marrakech (the newer ones).

Is it offensive to drink alcohol in Marrakech?

No, it is not offensive for foreigners to drink alcohol in Marrakech as long as it’s done as it’s supposed to be done.

Moroccans are respectful people and they understand that different cultures do things differently.

However, it is important to only drink in places where you are allowed to do so and not get drunk.

Where can we drink alcohol in Marrakech?

Table at Le Salama in Marrakech

Alcohol is available in many restaurants and bars as well as in some larger supermarkets.

The area where it’s the most difficult to find alcohol is the Medina. This is normal because it’s the old town and therefore the most traditional part of the city.

In the Medina, you can find a few bars that will offer alcohol. These are usually the ‘tourist’ restaurants and bars.

While this doesn’t mean that they are bad places, as a matter of facts some of them are pretty amazing, it’s just more common for them to have alcohol since their customers are mainly foreign people.

You can find most of these places around the main square, Jemaa el Fna.

Alcohol is also available in classy hotels in the Medina.

Please note that a lot of these places won’t advertise the fact that they are selling alcohol but if you ask them they can tell you.

It’s also important to mention that alcohol in the Medina tends to be very expensive. A beer will cost around 80 to 100 DH whereas it would be around 30 DH in other parts of town.

A better place to go if you want to have a drink in Marrakech is the New Town and specifically the neighbourhood of Guediz.

This is the district of Marrakech that was created by the French. It’s outside of the Medina’s walls and is known for its nightlife.

It’s about 10min by car so you can easily get a taxi there. There are also a few buses heading that direction.

In Guediz, you will find all kinds of bars and nightclubs including the Pacha, biggest nightclub in Morocco.

You will be able to find some typical Moroccan bars with live music, shishas, Moroccan wine and beers. They generally are pretty colourful and a bit hidden away.

These bars are very good fun as they will show you what a typical Moroccan night out is!

Where can I drink cocktails in Marrakech?

Cocktails are harder to find in Marrakech because they require spirits however, you can find them in luxury restaurants, bars and hotels.

Some of the most famous bars with cocktails in Marrakech are La Pergola Jazz bar, Barometre Cocktails and El Salama Sky Bar.

How much does it cost?

In a typical Morrocan bar, a beer should cost about 30 DH, a bottle of wine 180 DH and a shisha 80DH. If you go to a nightclub, drinks will cost anywhere between 80 and 160 DH.

In supermarkets, prices vary but they are similar to the ones in Europe, with bottles of wine around 100 FH.

Can I find alcohol in supermarkets in Marrakech?

Alcohol is available in bigger supermarkets outside the Medina. Chains such as Champion or Carrefour all have an alcohol section.

This section is apart from the rest of the groceries. It’s located in a section called ‘La Cave’, which is the equivalent of a liquor shop. You will have to pay for the alcohol there and can then pay for the rest of your groceries at the normal till.

You won’t be able to find alcohol in the convenience stores in the Medina nor in the smaller shops around the city.

Where to buy alcohol in Marrakech?

The best place to buy alcohol in Marrakech is the supermarket. While all of them don’t sell alcohol, chains such as Champion, Label Vie and Carrefour usually have an alcohol section.

This is where you will find the best range of alcohol as well as the best prices.

What about smoking in Marrakech?

A pack of cigarettes in Morocco cost about 40 DH (depending on brands).

You are allowed to smoke everywhere outside and on rooftops. There will be ashtrays everywhere.

A lot of bars also allow smoking inside.

Generally, if there is an ashtray that means it’s allowed otherwise it’s not.

A lot of bars also have shishas available.

I hope this article will answer all your questions about drinking alcohol in Marrakech!

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