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Located in the northern part of Fraser Island, Queensland, the Champagne Pools are a very unique rock formation that should be on your bucket list!

They are a great place to go swimming, especially if you don’t like swimming in the ocean because of the waves.

They are also one of the most beautiful places on Fraser Island, so even if you don’t want to swim, visiting the Champagne Pools is well worth it!

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In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Fraser Island Champagne pools including how to get there, what to do and more.

How to visit the Champagne Pools on Fraser Island Queensland

What are the Champagne Pools on Fraser Island?

The Champagne pools are natural rock pools. The rocks stand in the path of the crashing waves from the ocean which protects swimmers.

Views of the champagne pools on Fraser Island

The water stays in the smaller rock pools and makes it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time. It feels like you are in a giant natural hot tub. There are bubbles and it’s warm!

The bubbles are what gave the pools their name! You can basically think of it as a giant natural jacuzzi experience!

Because of the rocks, the area is protected from the sharks. You can safely swim in the Champagne pools which is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

Where are the Champagne Pools?

The Champagne pools are situated at the northern end of the 75-mile beach, on the eastern side of Fraser Island.

They are lying between Waddy Point and Indian Head (popular whale watching spot).

Here is the full address: Waddy Point Bypass, Fraser Island QLD 4581, Australia

Why visiting the Champagne Pools?

Fraser Island Champagne Pools
Photo of the Champagne Pools Fraser Island taken during a 2-day tour of K’Gari

It’s not recommended to swim in the ocean on the eastern side of Fraser Island. The waves are very strong. They are currents and even sharks sometimes.

There are no lifeguards on the beach. As a matter of fact, the 75-mile beach is only used as a highway and landing slops for planes.

Swimming there would be very dangerous which is why the Champagne pools or other beautiful places on Fraser Island such as Lake McKenzie or Eli Creek, are better for that.

Regardless of the swimming part, the Champagne Pools are a very pretty place and it’s very nice to walk around and soak up the views.

It’s also a good spot for whale watching on Fraser Island.

How to get to the Champagne Pools?

You can find below all the information about getting to Fraser Island Champagne Pools.

Driving on Fraser Island

You must have a 4WD vehicle to drive on Fraser Island. The island is entirely made of sand so there is no way around it.

If you don’t have a 4WD, you can rent one or opt for a guided tour.

You will also need to get a permit.

Tours to Fraser island (with Champagne Pools)

Fraser Island Explorer tour

If you’d rather opting for the easy way, you can go on a tour to Fraser Island. That way, no need to worry about your vehicle or the tide, your driver will do everything for you!

The Champagne pools are not included in the day tours (they usually focus on Lake Mckenzie, Central Station and Eli Creek).

You will need to book a 2-day tour or 3-day tour to be able to see the Champagne pools.

I personally opted for the Fraser Island Explorer 2-day tour and it was awesome! I really recommend it. You can see the prices here.

Alternatively, you can opt for a 3-day tour from Rainbow Beach with Dingo’s Fraser Island Tours. Prices here.

Car Park and facilities

Once you get to the end of the beach, there is a sandy path going up on the left. This will lead you to the carpark.

Please note, this is a fairly small carpark. It’s way smaller than the one at Lake McKenzie. Because most bus tours head to Champagne Pools, it can quickly get busy.

Boardwalk to the Champagne Pools

Champagne pools board walk on fraser island

From the carpark, there is a bit of a sandhill to walk up before finding a wooden boardwalk that will lead you straight down to the Champagne pools. It’s a very easy walk with some steps from time to time. The views of the ocean are beautiful!

It only takes 5 minutes to get to the pools.

Boardwalk Champagne Pools Fraser Island

Things to do at the Champagne Pools

Here are the best things to do when visiting the Champagne Pools.

Swimming in the Champagne Pools

Swimming Champagne pools

Swimming is definitely the best thing to do in the Champagne Pools. It’s the only place where it’s safe to swim on the Eastern side of Fraser Island.

Enjoying a natural spa

The unique thing about the Champagne pools is the fact that they act as a natural jacuzzi. There are many bubbles and the water is pretty warm. Staying in the pool is a bit like enjoying a natural spa!

Soaking up the views

75 mile views from Champagne Pools

From the rocks and the boardwalk, the views are amazing! If you are visiting in winter (June to August), keep an eye on the horizon as you might catch a glimpse of dolphins or whales jumping.
Indian head, just a bit further up, is the best place for whale watching on Fraser Island, however, you can sometimes see whales from the Champagne pools too!

Taking beautiful photos

Fraser Island views Champagne Pools

Make sure to take your camera because there are many photo opportunities at the Champagne pools.

If you have a GoPro, it’s even better! If you want to go in or near the pools, it’s better to have a waterproof camera.

You can walk up on the side and take amazing photos.

The boardwalk is also a great place to get beautiful shots.

Travel tips to enjoy your visit to the Champagne Pools

Visit during low tide

The best time of the day to visit the Champagne pools is when the tide is low. There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, you can only get there by driving up the 75-mile beach. And you can only drive on the beach when the tide is low (hard sand and no water).

Secondly, swimming in the Champagne pools is a more pleasant experience with low tide. There is still enough water in the pools to swim a bit and you won’t be slapped by the waves. It’s very pretty and relaxing. It’s also good for kids as the water is shallow in some places.

When the tide rises up and the waves start hitting the rocks, it can be a bit dangerous.

Make sure to leave early enough to avoid the high-tide

Getting to the pools when the tide is low is the first step but you also need to make sure you will be leaving before the tide gets too high.

By that, I don’t only mean leaving the pool but also make sure you have enough time to reach your accommodation or the next place.

You need to take into consideration the driving time on the 75-mile beach.

Wear your swimsuit

There aren’t any places where you can change and put your swimming costume on once you are at the pools so make sure you are wearing it beforehand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to swim and that’s a bit of a shame.

Worst-case scenario, you can use the toilets in the carpark. They are clean and well-maintained but can get a bit busy (especially when tour buses arrive).

Wear good shoes

Although the boardwalk itself is easy, once you get to the pools you may want to walk on the rocks. Some of them can be quite sharp. It’s better to wear walking shoes or trainers.

Thongs (flip flops) may not be enough for the rocks and you could hurt yourself.

Don’t swim too close to the rocks

As tempting as it may be, staying too close to the rocks can be dangerous. Some of them are pretty sharp so you could cut yourself.

More importantly, sometimes big waves hit the rocks and when the water draws back to the ocean it creates a bit of a current that can push you against the rock. Although that’s unlikely to happen when the tide is low, it’s definitely something to be aware of when the tide goes up.

What to take and wear at the Champagne Pools

Firstly, you need to take some beach clothes and equipment:

It’s also advised to take walking shoes.

Finally, take your camera gear (GoPro, drone, waterproof case for your phone).

It’s not recommended to take any food. Although it’s not somewhere where dingoes go very often, walking around with food on Fraser Island is risky. If you can, leave any kind of food in your car. The boardwalk is only 350m so you can always go back if you’re hungry. Make sure to take water though.

Fun facts about the Champagne Pools

Want to know more? Here are some interesting facts about the Champagne Pools:

  • It was used as a natural fishing trap by the Butchella people
  • It’s the only place on Fraser island where you can swim in the saltwater
  • They are formed by volcanic rocks

Champagne Pools Fraser Island Map

You can find below the map of K’Gari with the exact location of the Champagne Pools.

Champagne Rock Pools Fraser Island: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about K’Gari Champagne Pools.

Can you swim in the Champagne pools?

Yes you can swim in the Champagne pools on Fraser Island however, you need to time your visit according to the tides.

We also recommend not to swim in the pools closer to the ocean since there can be strong waves.

The calmer pools at low tides are ideal for swimming.

Where are the Champagne Pools?

The Champagne Pools in Australia are located on K’Gari (Fraser Island). They are situated at the very end of the seventy five mile beach, in the northern part of the island.

How to get from Eurong to Champagne pools?

You can drive to the Champagne Pools from Eurong along the 75-mile beach. It’s always straight and takes about 1 hour.

If you booked a tour of Fraser Island, this will be included in your itinerary.

What are the Fraser Island rock pools?

The Fraser Island rock pools are called Champagne Pools. They are located in the northern part of the island, at the very end of the 75-mile beach.

Are there champagne falls on Fraser Island?

This is a common misconception when it comes to the name. There are no champagne falls Fraser Island but rock pools known as Champagne Pools.

Now that you know everything about the Champagne Pools on Fraser Island, the only thing left to do is: having fun!

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