Where to stay in Toulouse (and places to avoid)

Are you planning a holiday in Toulouse and wondering where to stay in Toulouse?

I lived in Toulouse for years and know this city like the back of my hand! I’ve selected the best places to stay in Toulouse and will also share the neighbourhood to avoid.

In this article, you will find out what are the best neighbourhoods, which hotels or Airbnbs you should consider and how to plan your stay in Toulouse around it.

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The best places to stay in Toulouse: Neighbourhood guide

Toulouse has a fairly small city centre. It’s very easy to navigate.

Everything is pretty much within walking distance and you will find the metro everywhere.

If you want to make your trip to Toulouse as easy as possible, I highly recommend staying in the city centre. That way you will have access to everything without having to take public transport. It might be a tiny bit more expensive but it will save you time and money on transportation.

Here are the best areas to stay in Toulouse city centre.

1. Capitole

capitole toulouse where to stay

Capitole is the main square in Toulouse. It’s the most central point and where everything happens. As a visitor, it’s the best place to start exploring Toulouse.

No matter what you do you will always come back there at some point. Therefore, it’s also the best place to stay in Toulouse in terms of location. 

However, because of its ideal location and popularity, it can get very expensive. 

If it fits in your budget and you don’t want to waste a single second in transport, this is the place to be.

BEST HOTEL IN CAPITOLE: The Grand Hotel de l’Opera is one of the most luxurious hotels in Toulouse. If you want to treat yourself and stay in an amazing hotel, that’s the place for you. Click here to see the latest prices.

BEST AIRBNB IN CAPITOLE: This flat is the perfect choice for a couple, small family or group of 4. You will love the stunning views of the square! Click here to see the prices.

2. Carmes

If you like luxurious places, Carmes is the place for you!

Carmes is Toulouse’s fanciest and most beautiful neighbourhood. Located in the centre, all the main attractions are within walking distance. You will also have access to loads of buses and the metro line B.

Carmes is a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of a bustling city and that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s also where you will find luxury shops. In the evening, make sure to grab dinner in one of the restaurants and go out for a drink. There are many cool places around!

BEST AIRBNB IN CARMES: This is not a neighbourhood where you will find hotels. Your best option if you want to stay in Carmes is to book an Airbnb. Center Toulouse is a stunning flat with beautiful brick walls. Click here to see the latest prices.

3. Esquirol

Esquirol is a very lively neighbourhood. Ideally located between capitole and Carmes, it is the perfect starting point to go explore the city. There are many restaurants, bars and places where you can dance. Basically if you like going out at night without going full on clubbing, that’s the perfect place! 

You can find the list of apartments and hotels in Esquirol here:

-Beau T3 en Hypercentre – Book here

-Appartement d’exception Hypercentre de Toulouse – Book here

-Hôtel Le Père Léon – Book here

4 – St Georges

St Georges is quite a wealthy neighbourhood as well but way calmer than Carmes. It’s also a great place to go shopping. There is a commercial centre and plenty of little shops. You will also find loads of cafes with big outdoor terrace. Perfect to grab a coffee in the afternoon.

Here is the list of hotels in Saint George:

-Hôtel des Arts – Book here

-Le Duplex de la Pomme – Book here

-Cozy apartment *PLACE SAINT GEORGES * – Book here

-Mercure Toulouse Centre Saint-Georges – Book here

5 – Francois Verdier

Francois Verdier is located about 10 min walk to Capitole. It’s particularly residential but there is an awesome atmosphere. It’s calm but you still have plenty to do. You will find quite a few pubs there and a theatre, La Halle aux grains. 

If you are looking for somewhere calm but with cute spots to go for a drink or meal, a hotel in Francois Verdier will be perfect for you.

-Hôtel Design Les Bains Douches – Book here

-Grand T3 6 personnes avec terrasse hypercentre Toulouse  – Book here

6 – St Cyprien

Saint Cyprien is located on the other side of the river Garonne. You only need to cross the bridge to get to Esquirol and then Capitole but it’s true that this quarter is a bit further. We are talking about 20 mins walk here. However, there is the metro line A and many buses running.

The reason why it’s on my list is that Saint Cyprien is an amazing neighbourhood! It’s very lively and the best representation of what a typical Toulousain life is like. It’s quite cosmopolitan which is why you will find all sorts of bars and restaurants (english pubs, spanish tapas…). You will also find the original city gates there as it used to be the main entrance to the city. If you like museums, the contemporary art museum (les abattoirs) is also in St Cyprien.

It’s a great place to discover the cultural aspect of the city and if you want more or going out, you just need to cross the bridge. Easy peasy! 

If you want to check out hotels in St Cyp (as we call it), you can see the full list here.

-Cosy studio for two people in St Cyprien – Book here

-Teinturiers – Book here

-Appart’hôtel Rentyourday – Book here

7 – Chalets & Jeanne d’arc

Jeanne d’arc is ideally located between capitole (3 mins walk) and Matabiau station (10 mins walk). To be quite honest with you, Jeanne d’Arc is not a particularly exciting place in the way that you won’t find much things to do.

However, it’s really well located in terms of transport. You’ve got the main bus terminal, metro line B, airport shuttle, train station, coach station and metro line A 2 mins walk away.

Jeanne d’Arc is kind of split in two parts. The second part is called Chalets. Chalets is a really nice place to stay in Toulouse. It’s cute and residential, very pretty! That said, it can also get a bit expensive.

Here is the list of hotels in Jeanne d’Arc and chalets.

-Appartement de charme et au calme Toulouse chalets – Book here

-Hôtel St Sernin – Book here

-Appartement Chartreuse Hypercentre Toulouse – Book here

-Superbe studio cosy Metro Jeanne d’Arc – Book here

8 – St Pierre

Calling all party people here! If you like crazy nights, St Pierre is the place for you! 

Located on the edge of the river Garonne, St Pierre is a very pretty neighbourhood. It’s also a student area, hence the nightlife being so active. You will find plenty of bars in St Pierre. Some of the most famous are Chez Tonton and la couleur de la culotte (fun fact: that means the colour of your panties).

You will find the list of hotels in St Pierre here.

-Quartier historique de Toulouse cosy T2 à 2 mn du capitole  – Book here

-Hypercentre, Calme, Cosy, Parking Gratuit, Netflix Gratuit – Book here

9 – Jean Jaures

Jean Jaures is located just by Capitole. It’s very central in terms of public transport as it’s where the two lines of metro cross. If you need to have access to loads of buses, 2 lines of metros and station, that will be a very good place. 

The second brilliant thing about Jean Jaures is the nightlife. That’s where all the nightclubs are. You will also find a lot of bars and restaurants. So if you like to party and dance all night, you will want to book a hotel in Jean Jaures.

Cheaper areas to stay in Toulouse within walking distance from the city centre

If you want to get something a bit cheaper but still within walking distance to the city centre, these places are for you!

They are less charming and picturesque than the one previously mentioned however they are still very well located.

1 – Compans Caffarelli

Compans Caffarelli is Toulouse’s business district. It’s quite busy during the day but gets very quiet and residential in the evening. It might not be where you will find the most things to do at night but it’s a very pleasant neighbourhood. I used to work and live there, so you can take my word for it.

It’s only a 10 minutes walk to Capitole. It’s also on the metro line B (2 stops to Jean Jaures)

As the area is not as touristy, you will be able to find cheaper accommodation in Compans while still being able to enjoy the commodity of the city centre.

Everywhere in Compans is safe and lovely, except for Place Arnaud Bernard that can get more agitated. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice place to go for a drink but if you want more peace and quiet, it’s preferable to look near the park or on the main boulevard (boulevard Lascrosses)

2 – Matabiau

Matabiau is mainly known to be home to Toulouse’s main train station. It’s a bit of a special place. It has massive advantages but you have to choose wisely.

The good things about Matabiau are:

  • Easy access to the train station and coach station
  • Metro line A, one stop away from Jean Jaures
  • Big library
  • Cheaper than the city centre

The bad things are:

  • There aren’t many things to do or see
  • The side with Rue Bayard and Bonnefoy is not always the safest
  • Besides the station itself, it’s not particularly pretty

If you choose to book a hotel in Matabiau, make sure to look at the Jolimont side (avenue Charles de Gaulle). This is the good side with the library, easy access to the city centre and is very residential.

Mid-budget areas to stay in Toulouse

If none of the locations above fit in your budget, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! You only need to go a little further. You can find below some nice places to stay in Toulouse on a budget. These neighbourhoods are both safe areas and well connected with public transport. You will get access to the metro or bus that will bring you to Toulouse city centre in less than 20 mins. 

1 – Roseraie

Located a bit more north of Toulouse, Roseraie is a cute neighbourhood. You have the metro line A (15 mins to Jean Jaures). Here is the list of hotels in Roseraie.

2 – Minimes

Minimes is one of the Toulousains’ favourite locations. It’s a nice and lively neighbourhood. It has everything you need and is on the metro line B. (20 mins to Jean Jaures).

Here is the list of hotels in Minimes.

3 – Patte d’oie

Patte d’oie is also a nice and safe neighbourhood located just after St Cyprien. There is the metro line A (15mins to Capitole).

Click here to see the list of hotels in Patte d’Oie.

4 – Pont des demoiselles

Pont des demoiselles is a tiny bit further. This South east neighbourhood is very cute as it lays on the side of the canal du midi. There isn’t any metro station but plenty of buses are running and will bring you to the city centre in 20 or 25 mins.

To check out hotels in Pont des demoiselles, click here.

Nice places to stay near Toulouse

1 – Blagnac

Located North West of Toulouse, Blagnac is home to Toulouse airport and Airbus headquarters. It’s perfect if you are going to Toulouse on a business trip!

Check out the list of hotels in Blagnac.

2 – Balma

Balma is located at the end of the metro line A, North East of Toulouse. Balma town centre is quite a cute place. More importantly, you will get easy access to the metro and there is a massive commercial centre.

Check out the list of hotels in Balma.

3 – Cugnaux

Cugnaux is located South West of Toulouse. It is a nice town and very residential. You can access it by bus from the city centre or from Basso Cambo.

Check out the list of hotels in Cugnaux.

4 – Labege

Labege is the tech and startup hub of Toulouse. This south east town is easily accessible by train or bus.

Check out the list of hotels in Labege.

Places to avoid in Toulouse

Toulouse is a very nice city and pretty safe as a general thing. However, as everywhere in the world, there are some places that you might want to avoid.

Whether that’s in terms of accommodation or places to visit, you will want to stay away from:

1 – Basso Cambo

2 – Mirail

3 – Bagatelle

4 – Bellefontaine

5 – 3 cocus

I hope that this article will help you identify where to stay in Toulouse so you can book your accommodation with ease.