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Heading to England soon and want to go on a private tour in London? We’ve got you covered!


London is one of the best cities in the world! There is so much history there. It’s also famous for its filming locations. A lot of movies and TV shows were filmed in London. Any Downton Abbey, James Bond or Harry Potter fans here? Yep! I’m talking to you!


There are a lot of things you can do in London. You will find a plethora of tours but going with a private tour guide is the best way to learn more and enjoy a customised experience.


In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about the best private tours in London. It includes a selection of luxury London private tours and more affordable options.


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Summary of the best private tours of London


If you are in a hurry and want to jump straight to the nitty-gritty, here is a summary.


Tour nameDurationCapacityPrice
Best of London Private Tour3 - 5 hoursSee prices.
Private tour of East London
4 hoursUp to 6See prices.
Private tour of Shoreditch
2 - 4 hoursUp to 8See prices.
Underground and Tube tour
2 hoursUp to 10See prices.
WWII Private tour of London3 hoursSee prices.
Bespoke Private tour of London by a local2 - 8 hoursUp to 8See prices.
Harry Potter Private tour
3 hoursSee prices.
Downtown Abbey Filming locations
10 hoursUp to 4See prices.
Sherlock Holmes Private tour
3 hoursSee prices.
James Bond Filming locations tour
3 hoursUp to 5See prices.
Charles Dickens Private tour3 hoursSee prices.
Historic Pubs tour3.5 hoursUp to 14See prices.
London Private food tour2.5 hoursUp to 8See prices.
Romantic Private Tour in a Mini Cooper2 hoursUp to 3See prices.
Private Photography Tour
30 minutes - 3 hoursUp to 4See prices.
Private Ghost Tour of London2.5 hoursUp to 5See prices.
Christmas Lights Private tour2.5 hoursUp to 5See prices.


Best historical private tours of London


London is a very old city. It was founded over 2000 years ago by the Romans. Since then, a lot has happened.


Whether you are interested in learning more about the famous landmarks in London, the royals, World War II or British culture in general, you will love these tours of London.


Best of London Private Tour


This private tour of London covers all the classics. You will discover the most famous sites in the city of Westminster. This includes Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.


Big Ben in London


This is a walking tour so you will be on foot all the time. Make sure to take an umbrella just in case (we never know what the weather will be like in England).


The guide is extremely knowledgeable and will give you plenty of information about the history of London.


He will also show you great photo spots and where to watch the changing of guards.


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Private tour of East London


East London is the trendiest place in the capital. It used to be a fairly dodgy place. It was best known for its murders. Ever heard of Jack the Ripper? Yep! That was in East London.


tour of east london


Up until a couple of decades ago, you really wouldn’t have wanted to wander around East London.


Nowadays, however, it’s a super cool place to visit. It’s home to amazing street art, awesome markets, delicious street food and loads of hipsters shops.


It’s basically a hipster version of Westminster!


By going on a private walking tour of East London, you will learn plenty about the hipster culture in London, the importance of street art and will discover a very cute and authentic market: Spitalfields.


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Private tour of Shoreditch


If you are interested in East London, you can also opt for a private tour of Shoreditch.


This trendy neighbourhood is great for street art lovers and people who love small shops.


murals in shoreditch london


Shoreditch is full of murals. A lot of famous artists left their marks there. If you head to Brick Lane, you will also find a lot of vintage shops and street food.


With this private tour, you will be exploring the area with a local! Not only you will learn plenty about Shoreditch but it’s also customisable. Depending on what you like and want to see, the guide will adapt his tour.


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Underground and Tube tour


Did you know that the London Underground was the world’s first underground railway system? Pretty impressive, right?


wicked musical in london


It opened in 1863 and revolutionised our lives since. It’s a very impressive network. There are 270 tube stations in London.


Needless to say, there is a hell of a lot to say about it. Yet, it’s a part of London that is often overlooked in tours.


With this unusual tour of London, you will discover fascinating facts about the tube and beautiful spots underground!


It starts in Paddington but you will be going to a few other stations.


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WWII Private tour of London


World War II was one of the most tragic periods in European history. London is no exception.


The city suffered a lot during WWII. If you are interested in anything war-related, this private tour of London is for you! It focuses on everything that happened during the Blitz.


London has been continually bombed in the early 40s. A lot of aerial bombs and rockets were dropped on the city.


City of London (where St Paul’s cathedral stands) was particularly targetted. At the time, most of the buildings there were warehouses. The amount of textile inside was making it very combustible and therefore, an easy target.


st pauls cathedral in city of london


So many buildings were destroyed and more importantly, so many people lost their lives.


By going on a WWII walking tour, you will learn more about all of this. It’s extremely interesting.


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Bespoke Private tour of London by a local


Another option in terms of private sightseeing tours in London is to book a bespoke itinerary.


In this case, the local guide will contact you 24 hours before your tour to ask you what you would like to see and learn more about.


tour of london st pauls cathedral


It’s a great way to make the best of both worlds. Most tours focus on one aspect but we all love different things. If you choose this one, you can get a bit of Harry Potter with a bit of history and a twist of food culture. Anything you want!


On top of that, it’s very reasonably priced.


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TV and books themed private tours of London


London was featured in a lot of movies, TV shows and books. If you’d like to learn more about famous authors and see your favourite filming locations, these London tours are for you!


Harry Potter Private tour


Any Potterheads here? You’re going to love this one!


As you may already know, there are a lot of Harry Potter things to do in London. The most popular ones are the Warner Bros studios and the play, Harry Potter and the cursed child.


However, there is so much more to do!


harry potter in london


With this private tour, you will discover the best Harry Potter filming locations in London.


This includes platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station, the Ministry of Magic, the place where they filmed the scene with the Knight Bus, the Gringotts Bank and the real-life version of Diagon Alley! (well the London one, the other one is in Edinburgh).


If you love Harry Potter as much as I do then this tour must be on your muggle’s bucket list!


It’s so amazing to see all these locations in real life. The guide also gives a lot of information about the films and how they made them.


The production team got away with so much! For example, it’s the only movie that managed to get Picadilly Circus closed for 2 days to film!


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Downtown Abbey Filming locations Private tour


This tour is a bit different from the others as you won’t be staying in central London but head to Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


If you are a Downtown Abbey fan and want to discover the filming locations, it’s the perfect thing to do!


It is a private tour which means that you will have a chauffeur who will drive you up to the English countryside to see the sights.


You will first discover some minor filming locations like Yew Tree farm or the pub where Lady Sybil and Branson stay before getting married.


After that, your chauffeur will drive you to Berkshire where you will get to enjoy the nitty-gritty: Downtown Abbey itself! It’s actually called Highclere Castle. You will go with your guide to visit it.


This is a pretty amazing tour especially since these filming locations are not always easily accessible.

If you are a fan, you will love every second of it! It’s one of the best private day tours from London.


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Sherlock Holmes Private tour


If you love Sherlock Holmes, this one is for you! On this guided tour, you will discover the best Sherlock Holmes places in London. This includes the filming locations for the BBC show but also places mentioned in the books.


It basically covers it all!


The guide will pick you up from your accommodation and bring you to the most famous Sherlock Holmes spot first: 221B Baker Street.


After that, you will discover some lesser-known places that only fans can truly appreciate!


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James Bond Filming locations tour


London is notorious for being featured in dozens of James Bond movies. If you love 007, London will be your paradise!


From the most recent movies to the oldest, there are a lot of scenes that were filmed in the British capital.


If you want to discover them all, you can book a private black taxi tour! “For Your Eyes Only”, “Skyfall”… all of them!


Click here for more information and see the latest prices.


Charles Dickens Private tour


Although the world’s famous author of David Copperfield and Oliver Twist was born in Portsmouth, he spent most of his life in London.


If you are into literature, discovering of London of Dickens is a pretty fascinating thing to do!


On this tour, you will discover some lesser-known spots in London where Dickens used to spend time.


It’s very interesting for both Dickens fans and people looking to discover places off the beaten path.


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Private food tours in London


You may not think of England as a foodie destination but that’s a mistake! When it comes to food and drinks, the English capital has a lot to offer!


Historic Pubs tour


If there is one thing the Brits love, it would be drinking a pint at the pub or as they would call it, their local!


The pub culture in Britain is huge and London is no different.


historic pub in london


Londoners love going to their favourite pubs for a drink.


You will find a lot of pubs in London but unfortunately, a lot of them became a bit of a tourist trap.


On this private tour, the guide will bring you to some historic and authentic pubs in London.


It starts at St Paul’s Cathedral and finishes in Covent Garden. While discovering these 4 pubs (and drinking the local’s favourites!), the guide will also give you a lot of information about the history of London and famous Londoners.


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London Private food tour


Beer and gin are not the only things Londoners love! Food is also everywhere in London.


You see, there are a lot of markets in the city. Some of them have been there for a very long time like Borough Market. Some of them are more recent and made up of food trucks like South Bank.


borough market in london


Regardless, when it comes to food, you are spoilt for choice!


If you want to discover this side of London, you can opt for this private food tour. You will get 7 food tastings and 3 drinks!


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Other private themed-tours in London


There are another few private guided tour of London that are worth mentioning.


Romantic Private Tour of London in an old Mini Cooper


Most private car tours in London are provided by a black cab company. This one is a bit different. You will be exploring the British capital on board of an authentic old mini cooper!


If you are a couple visiting London for the first time (or Londoners who want to discover their home city!), this one will be perfect for you.


big ben and bus in london


You will be picked up from your hotel (or anywhere in Zone 1) and enjoy a 2-hour guided tour on board of the most famous British car ever!


If you love taking photos, you are in for a treat! You can even open the roof!


It’s a very magical experience. On top of that, you will be provided with some chocolates and a bottle of bubbly.


Finally, the local tour guide will bring you to all the most romantic spots in London!


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Private Photography Tour


London is a very pretty city. There are a lot of amazing photo spots. However, it’s not always easy to get pretty pictures.


If you love having beautiful photos of your travel or are a Londoner who want to get professional photos taken, going on this private walking tour of London with a photographer will be perfect for you!


London WWII tour in city of london


You will be going to some of the prettiest places in the city. Nothing Hill, Camden, London Eye… whatever you are into really.


This is a customisable tour which means that you can choose which kind of places and photos you would like. Some people like going to the famous Instagram spots, others rather discovering some hidden gems.


Up to you! The photographer is also a local guide which means that you will get both, great information and photos!


A few days after the tour, you will receive your photos.


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Private Ghost Tour of London


When it comes to haunted places and murders, London has a lot in store. It may not be Edinburgh however, there are still a lot of spooky stories to discover.


If you fancy going on a London private tour by car and discover scary facts, this tour is for you!


You will be exploring London’s spookiest places with a black cab driver.


The itinerary will be tailored to your wishes. If you were thinking of taking a private London tour for families, it’s also a good option.


The guide will make it as spooky as want it!


The tour will end in one of the most haunted pubs in the city.


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Christmas Lights Private tour


This one is a seasonal tour for Christmas lover. If you are visiting London for Christmas, you’ll see that there is a lot to do.


London at christmas


Between Winter Wonderland and all the other smaller Christmas markets and the wonderful Christmas lights, you will be spoilt!


It’s perfect to experience the Christmas spirit in England and discover more about the history of London.


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All these London private tours are a great thing to do if you are interested in knowing more about the British capital and make the best of your time!


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