Moose Coffee: American breakfast & Brunch in Manchester

Are you heading to Manchester for a day and want to grab breakfast or brunch somewhere? Here is my favourite breakfast and brunch place in Manchester. Welcome to Moose coffee! 


Moose cafe is a North American cafe located in Manchester City centre, only a couple of minutes walk from Piccadilly Station.


As a matter of fact, Moose coffee is so popular that they opened another location right by Piccadilly Station.


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So, let’s go down to business! Here is my full and honest review of Moose Coffee in Manchester.


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Where is Moose Coffee? 


Moose Coffee main location in Manchester is located at:

York House, 20 York St, Manchester M2 3BB


It’s right by Market Street, in between Piccadilly Gardens and St Peter square.


Opening times:

Monday – Friday 8am till 5pm

Saturday 8am till 6pm

Sunday 8am till 5pm


They also have a second location by Piccadilly Station on:

8a Gateway House, Piccadilly Station Approach, Manchester, M1 2GH


Opening times: Monday – Sunday 8am till 5pm


Please note they also have locations in Leeds and Liverpool!


What kind of food can you get at Moose Coffee Manchester?


manchester brunch egg benedict



As a North American cafe, the best things to get at Moose coffee are pancakes and waffles. My personal favourite is the eggs Benedict! That said, everything is absolutely delicious so you can’t go wrong!


They offer a selection of savoury and sweet pancakes, a large range of breakfasts, sweet waffles, eggs Benedict and sandwiches. 


You can check out the menu here!


What about drinks? 


cappucino at moose coffee manchester



Moose Coffee offers a great selection of hot drinks (coffee and tea), milkshakes, smoothies and fruit juices. 

All drinks are very good, especially coffees and milkshakes! They always have specials as well!


Why should you go to Moose Coffee? 


Firstly, the food is amazing! 

What else can I say, it’s just so good! No matter what you take, you can just not go wrong. They master every single dish on their menu. You will not be disappointed. 


best breakfast and brunch manchester



Secondly, you get quite big quantities. Don’t even think about getting 2 dishes, you probably won’t manage to eat them! 

It’s very good value for money. Generally you will pay between £8 and £14 per meal. And believe me it’s way more than enough!


Lastly, the staff is very friendly and helpful! Which is always a good thing!


I’ve never been disappointed and that’s why I also always take my visitors there. It’s always a winner! And the atmosphere is really good as well.


Can I book a table in advance at Moose Coffee?


So that’s the thing. Moose coffee is now so popular that they don’t even take bookings! They have so many people showing up that they don’t need it! 


It’s first-come, first-served! 


If you go on Saturdays at around lunchtime, it can get very busy. They will write down your time on the list and tell you how much time you’ve got to wait. 


So here is what I do. I generally go there about 30 mins before I actually want to eat, ask them for a table. They usually give you a waiting time anywhere between 15 and 45 mins. Then I go shopping on Market Street (Primark and Debenhams are just next doors) or for a stroll. 


You see, easy peasy!


What are my favourite dishes at Moose Coffee? 


moose coffee manchester brunch



Here are the best dishes at Moose Coffee, in my opinion: 

  • Moose Apple and Homemade Salted Caramel Pancakes
  • Moose Banana and Pecan Pancake Stack 
  • New England Moose
  • New Hampshire Moose
  • Grande Bouche
  • Two hot Belgian Waffles, served with Canadian maple syrup and butter



american pancakes manchester



Does Moose Coffee deliver takeaways? 


Yes! Moose Coffee is on Deliveroo. So you can order your favourite american-canadian brunch and it will be delivered right to your door!


Have you been to Moose Coffee in Manchester? What were your thoughts! Please use the comment box down there, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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